Tucker Carlson and PJ Media senior editor discuss racism at SPLC

DC: PJ Media senior editor Tyler O’Neil joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday to discuss racism at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Morris Dees, the group’s co-founder, was abruptly fired last week for failing to meet “the mission of the organization and the values we hope to instill in the world,” according to a statement from SPLC President Richard Cohen to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Carlson noted Dees’ firing “under mysterious circumstances” and the irony that a group that often falsely labels others as “racist, sexist bigots” would be accused of those things itself.

“This group has been rotten for years,” said Carlson. “Why are people just now noticing?”

“The story actually is really, really bad,” said O’Neil. “You had 13 black former employees of the SPLC interviewed. Twelve of them said they witnessed racist incidents in their time there and three of them called the organization a plantation for its black workers.”

Dees’ firing was first reported by the Montgomery Advertiser, which included a reference to its 1994 series on racism within the organization and the co-founder’s “near singular control over the organization and its mammoth budget.”  more here

7 Comments on Tucker Carlson and PJ Media senior editor discuss racism at SPLC

  1. From the No Shit Sherlock files: “This group has been rotten for years,”

    Stevie Wonder could see that

  2. A lot has been know about Dees for a long time, and mostly ignored by the left.

    Basically, he’s not a very nice man.

    To put it politely.

  3. The SPLC doesn’t sue anybody, nobody ever calls their bluff.
    Al Sharpton’s and Jesse’s business model, just on knishes and steroids.

  4. The back stabbing is well underway so that’s a plus anyway!
    About time that prick Morris Dees was sent packing.

  5. Splc is a business – a big one. And its part of the crony-communist network that is google, facebook, democrat party, big education, etc.

    Worst, it is utilized by the chi comms.

    Only the enemy within can destroy the US. That includes the GOPe.


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