Tucker Carlson could very well be the most powerful conservative influencer

With Trump off most major media platforms, Carlson’s reach extends further than Trump’s.

The tipping point, when the power seemed to have shifted, was when Ted Cruz appeared on Carlson’s show and, well, groveled a bit to get back in good graces with Carlson and his audience.

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Tucker Carlson extends influence on GOP (msn.com)

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  1. “Cryin’ & Lyin” Adam l Kinzinger lol put that turd on a Board of Directors. He’s broken and useless for anything else now.

  2. The great thing about Tucker is him being unafraid to nail women and the protected classes as well as regular democrats and squishy republicans.
    In the past week he has skewered Pelosi, AOC & Kamala.

    He not only called out Ted Cruz for lying he said the same thing about Adam Kinzinger last night.
    At least Ted had the guts to face Tucker, Kinzinger has his balls in a box on Pelosi’s desk.

  3. Tucker and Joe Rogan have the somewhat unique trait of being open-minded, and thus being willing to have people with all sorts of views on their shows. That’s what drives their numbers. Rogan has a lot of left-think, but as long as he is willing to entertain a variety of ideas people will flock to listen to him. That’s what Freedom of Speech is all about!

  4. @LCD

    Rogan was a major lefty until he got Covid. By way of his monoclonal/therapeutics treatment, he became persona non grata and experienced for himself the full weight of vitriol and ire aimed at anyone who dares go against the narrative.

    Not since Rush Limbaugh have we seen a “media type” hold so much sway and influence. Essentially he has become the gatekeeper, a kingmaker, someone that must be courted and aligned with.

    And yet another example of which party tacks more towards honesty, any resident lib politician is guaranteed a softball interview on CNN, NPR, or any of the other lying networks, but any GOP’er who goes on Tucker better do his homework. If he comes off phony, condescending, or unprepared, God help him.

  5. They show reruns of Fear Factor on TBD every night.
    Joe Rogan is a common dude type who comes across as sincere and a little snarky.
    He gets along well with people.

    I don’t feel he has a high IQ, just average but does seem to think for himself these days.
    I’d love to have a beer with him and ask about all the crazy shit that happened behind the scenes of Fear Factor.


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