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Tucker Carlson Explains Why Frank Luntz Is Such A Massive Tool of Woke Corporations

American Thinker

Tucker Carlson opened Friday night’s show with rather unique information. The rhetorical question was why the Republican leadership is so disconnected from Republican voters. One of the reasons, he said, is Frank Luntz. For decades, Luntz has been giving the GOP leadership its talking points. The problem is that Luntz is not a conservative; he is a corporate servant and his points always align with corporate America – and lately, corporate America has been aligning with the woke left. More

Sundance at CTH finds the whole thing suspicious Here

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  1. I’m so done with American Thinker since they did away with the comments section. At one time the site was almost at the top of my Favorites. Now? Fuck ’em. Tucker? Another do nothing windbag… just like the rest of them.

  2. Tucker is a TV commentator. He is not someone in a position to really do more than present us with information. He is not in the same position as Trey Gowdy who, while in a position to do something, did little more than give us sound bites.

  3. I’ve gotta agree with Badco – any site that won’t allow discourse is anti-1A, and I need to be able to see responses for a full understanding of the article.
    I used to love Yahoo News, not that the articles were necessarily good but because there were THOUSANDS of responses and I could form a better understanding of the topic. No more. And I am glad for the differences expressed on this site – a great education.

  4. Finally someones calling out that fraud with the ill fitting pelt on his head. The guy is so transparent it’s surprising anyone would pay to listen to his horseshit.
    I hope Tuckers little expose lightens the porkers wallet a little.

  5. The swamp is deep and wide. Much deeper and much wider than we ever imagined in our nighmares.

  6. That Oval Office replica with the Clinton couch and cigar box is really creepy. No Reagan jelly bean jar, Frank? My guess is Luntz is about to get exposed for some sick stuff, and the Uniparty is pre-distancing itself.

    And that neck pouch…He’s starting to resemble Erick Erickson. They’re similar in so many ways, when you think about it.

  7. I never did like that POS, and thought his “focus groups” were nothing but pure liberal BULLSHIT!

  8. Old dirtbag Luntz has made big money selling snake oil! Everybody in this country has a bunch of stinking, rotting bottles of snake oil procured from this charlatan and his fellow pollsters/fraudsters!

  9. I always saw him as a dilatant in politics, misusing “focus groups” to try to state what a larger population believes.

    After Tucker’s revelation of Luntz covering for Perdue pharma and the opioid epidemic that company helped fuel, I despise the man and the pelt he hides under.

  10. If I remember correctly American Thinker caved to Dominion’s threats to sue because of the discussions of the stolen election. They did 3rd party (if you will) comments to MeWe. They do not seam to censure to much.

  11. From CTH:
    “Carlson was always a member of the approved DeceptiCon establishment”

    Not sure what THAT is all about; Tucker is about the only one left on TeeVee news that takes on the swamp.

  12. American Thinker has more thoughtful articles about the perilous state of our Republic by very capable observers than any other site on the Internet. They have not stopped calling out the election fraud and the mental incompetence of Dementia Joe and the obvious incompetence of Kalamity Harris. If any thing, they are becoming more outspoken about the catastrophe in Washington with so many good articles that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them. There was one recently highlighting Tucker Carlson’s broadside on Frank Luntz that named other Vichy Republican collaborators like Carl Rove.


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