Tucker Carlson fires back at Mayor Berkowitz From Anchorage, Alaska

Fox News highlights Business Owners Fighting Oppressive Restrictions from Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. Anchorage, Alaska.

h/t Jackie.

SNIP: Are Mayor Berkowitz’s parents Janet Reno and Ray Romano? lol

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  1. in other news …. Ray Ramano is really pissed that someone would slander him to suggest that he would lower himself to the level of horndog Bill Clinton & plow Janet Reno’s dried-up furrow

    a lawsuit may be forthcoming …. stay tuned 😉 😂 🤣

  2. Where do I begin? I wish Tucker had spent more time on Alaska because there is more going on than just Berkowitz’s wine bar. I’m guessing he didn’t because he either couldn’t get sad ass Berkowitz on OR couldn’t *yet*.

    First, Berkowitz FAILED with the homeless issue, and does nothing about the growing problem of aggressive behavior not a few homeless have been demonstrating. (Last summer my teenage son, riding his bike to and from work, was targeted and has to go round and about to avoid them.) Crime is surging and at this point they just take over sidewalks with their camps and he does nothing. But he wants the legacy of being some sort of star about having “solved” the big problem, so he thought buying buildings, using COVID dollars, in residential areas and housing homeless (particularly those “who don’t follow the rules”) there would be a great idea. There has been MASSIVE pushback, including after he denied the public entry to the Assembly chambers.

    He then AGAIN closed all indoor dining (his businesses seemed to have advance notice) but several restaurants have refused and are facing fines of I think $500 QD. One restaurant was closed Tuesday, but only because they ran out of food Monday, the first day of refusenik status.

    I’m just in from work so I have to find out still what’s been going on today, but that’s the gist so far.

  3. I didn’t know Alaska had enough libtards to elect people up there. Learn something new every day.

  4. @Harrison, same problem as elsewhere: they move in from other places and then infect the new place – although some come from Juneau, known for their incompetence with garbage and wandering bears, liberal attitudes and that it’s not even supposed to be our capital.

    Frank Murkowski and his closet liberal daughter didn’t help matters.

    However, I suspect something else is also at play: We are known as a “reliably red state” and I fear people have become complacent, acting as if they don’t have to ever do anything to keep it red. Berkowitz was elected following, so I heard, a **20%** turnout.

    People better get up off their asses.

  5. Red Hand of Boo, were you around Anchorage in the late 70’s thru the 80’s? That’s when I was there. They had the toughest homeless guys up there. I was looking for work when I first got there and I would go to the Monkey Bar to make some phone calls and have lunch, and you had to be careful pulling into the parking spots because there would be guys laying on the asphalt with their heads on cement curbs like they were pillows. And this was in the winter. Damn tough life. Now that the libs are there things are a little better for them.


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