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Tucker Carlson Gets Megyn Kelly’s Slot


Yesterday, the speculation was that Fox News would call upon one of its current female personalities to replace the departing Megyn Kelly.  Today we are being told that Tucker Carlson will move to the 9:00 pm slot and that Martha MacCallum will take the 7:00 pm. time.



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  1. That’s who I was hoping for. Now he can proceed to make mincemeat of more high profile liberals, than the poor lame saps he had on at the earlier hour.

  2. more macho the merrier I say.
    Did you see yesterdays dismantling of the dem rep from ct over healthcare. The rep made Schumer look like a rhodes scholar

  3. my comment was referring to the rep (d) that Tucker was interviewing.

    Representative Devin Nunes from CT. He was on Cavuto this afternoon spewing talking points in defense of Obamacare. – Dr. Tar

  4. GOOD!!! At least is means that there will not be any whining about sexual harassment when promotions/contract negotiations come around.

  5. I reckon he’ll get better ratings than Kelly.

    All she does is rattle off fast-talking bluster at a machine-gun pace. But Tucker Carlson is brilliant. What he does is instantly recognize bullshit, call out the bullshit artist for his/ her/ its B.S., and do so using laser-beam satire and ridicule.

    The Left has NO sense of humour and so dealing with someone like Carlson is dreaded….if you’re a Leftist and/or a bullshit artist.

  6. There are so many narcissists on the left that Tucker will never run out of casualties. They all think they are so smart they can outwit him, or so stupid they try to run him over.

    Great choice. Now I have something to watch at 9, but it’s boring seeing the same team win every day… 😀

  7. The thing is, the left is so arrogant, that even when Tucker hands them their asses on national TV, they still go back to their left wing enclaves and declare that they won. And the rest of the leftards will agree.

  8. Megyn has merely been occupying Tucker’s slot since the first debate when she did her best Katie Couric and asked the bullshite “War on Women” question of Trump. Haven’t watched her since.

  9. I’d rather see HANNITY move into that vacant slot.
    Better yet, give Hannity the slot OReilly has now.

  10. 3 Conservatives who simply Overflow with enough common sense to Drown Libtards.
    Anthony Breitbart
    Tony Snow
    Tucker Carlson
    Watch Your Back Tucker .

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