Tucker Carlson Got “Woke”

In what appears to be an exclusive, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson interviewed the author of “Woke: A Guide to Social Justice by Titania McGrath.” The book is based on the success of the Titania McGrath account on Twitter with over a quarter of a million followers. Here


Titania McGrath is the alter ego of British comedian Andrew Doyle, who has been using his creation to provide much needed satirical criticism of the authoritarian left. Watch the interview Here 

The book only arrived in the States yesterday. A review from a writer who “gets it” Here.
A review by another critic who has no sense of irony, or humor for that matter, Here


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  1. Best review on Amazon: “In this engaging book, the author takes up the important work of telling us what to think based upon things that she once read on Buzzfeed.”


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