Tucker Carlson Is Contacted By Brian Stelter And Pure Savagery Follows

Team Tucker Carlson: Some days ago, RedState reported extensively on the revelation that the NSA had gathered Tucker Carlson’s communications (see here, here, and here). That was confirmed when the contents of an email were leaked to Axios. The big scandal was that Carlson had contacted US-based Russian sources, who were likely the primary target of the surveillance, to try to set up an interview with Vladimir Putin. You know, just like NBC News had done weeks earlier without having any of their communications leaked.

But before those details were confirmed, all we had was Carlson’s original allegation. During that time, CNN’s Brian Stelter and the resident potato squad rushed to frame Carlson as a liar. Worse, they tried to stoke internal division at Fox News, asserting that no one on the hard news side was defending Carlson.

Stelter, perhaps not realizing that it’s best to fade away when you get proven so wrong, decided it’d be a good idea to contact Carlson anyway. What followed was pure savagery. more

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  1. CNN: The Clownfart News Network where all the “news” smells funny!
    (which is also why you can actually smell the gaslighting)

  2. Hey Loco, “neverTuckers?” I can see that, I’m just not convinced of his, all in commitment, to what he’s saying. We’ve been bushwhacked before and I’m a bit gun shy. I can imagine fox telling him to take a contrarian position, it might help our ratings, by the way they are not good! I hope he proves me wrong, but it’s going to take a track record.

  3. Joe6,
    Tucker recently went after:
    Government overreach
    Defunding police/crime in blue cities
    Mandatory Vaccine
    Vaccine Passports
    NSA spying on US citizens
    Biological men competing in women’s sports
    Hunter’s paintings and laptop
    2020 Voting irregularities
    China unleashing the WuFlu
    Spineless republicans
    Promoted strong republicans

    I don’t know what to say other than if he isn’t on my side I don’t know who the hell is?
    I cut hours of Fox news out of my day but still watch Tucker.

    As for Brad saying Tucker used to work for MSNBC, etc, all I can say is Donald J. Trump was a New York DEMOCRAT from the 1940’s until 2015…

  4. Loco, you’re not wrong, and I’m a little hard headed, so I’m not ready to say I’m wrong. But tucker is putting on a decent show, I’ll give him a bit more of a benefit of the doubt.

  5. Well, “As for Brad saying Tucker used to work for MSNBC” his resume is public record. Look it up. Realize this, Tucker is now a corporation. It’s all about ratings. That is our media. Unless you work for the MSNBC then China pays your bills. I have no idea whos side Tucker is on. He’s compromised. Who gives the marching orders at FOX? Paul Ryan. Telling you what you want to hear until it’s to late. Loco, tell me where I’m wrong bro.

  6. Joe6, people used to say the same thing about Rush, that he was only being contrarian for ratings, he didn’t believe what he was saying.
    We all know that was bullshit.

    I’ve watched Tucker the past three years and I don’t believe he has changed in his convictions.
    If anything, he has become more free in blasting the assholes in power.

  7. “I’ve watched Tucker the past three years and I don’t believe he has changed in his convictions.”

    Sidney Powell would disagree. A pitiful ambush.

  8. Well Brad, I suppose we should just close up shop and call it a day.
    The US had a good run but since Tucker didn’t slice his wrists when biden* was declared president* he isn’t a “True believer”
    I don’t believe you EVER watch Tucker considering what you are posting here.
    You can’t be.

  9. “Pitiful ambush” of Sidney Powell???
    W T F ? !
    She came on and didn’t have her shit together.
    Over promised and didn’t deliver shit!
    Tucker would LOVE an exclusive and would have given her a FUCKING WEEK OF SHOWS!

    She lost ALL credibility ON HER FUCKING OWN!

    I’ll wait………….

    We ALL wanted to believe her, Tucker included, yet she might as well promised not to come in our mouth.

    She needed to PUT UP OR SOUND LIKE A NUT.
    Tucker was fair, she dropped the ball.

  10. Loco, you could accuse me of the same thing, and be right. We turn on the teevee about once every two weeks. I haven’t seen tucker in his time slot for, maybe ever. But I have seen video from his show. He is the most tolerable from an intolerable group.

  11. “Well Brad, I suppose we should just close up shop and call it a day.”

    If you want. Or find News Max. Has Fucker burned us before? Yes or no. I’m saying all the time. You tell me.

  12. @JPM.

    I didn’t catch the meme, but is that Helter Stelter’s fat face in the middle?

    I wouldn’t mind knowing what the meme is, if you don’t mind giving it.

  13. Well Brad, I won’t ever convince you but as far as my patriot list:

    President Trump
    Ron DeSantis
    Mark Levin
    Tucker Carlson
    Jack Posobiec
    Kurt Schlicter
    Comfortably Smug
    Jesse Kelly
    George Alexopoulis

    Rest in peace Rush

  14. Loco, you are not getting the twenty twenty. In no way am I questioning your Patriotism. You are a super Patriot with really bad judgment.

  15. I just realized I didn’t mention any women patriots…DOH!

    Lauren Boebert
    Marjorie Taylor Greene
    Candace Owens
    Michelle Malkin
    All the fine ladies of iotw…

  16. Assholes like Stelter are why we should bring back dueling. The goddam potato would be less mouthy if he knew he’d be called out. And you sure can’t get any satisfaction in court these days.

  17. Until Sidney P displays some evidence, she’s no better that scchiff “we’ve got evidence of russian collusion -for brains.

  18. @Loco-
    “Donald J. Trump was a New York DEMOCRAT from the 1940’s until 2015…“

    Trump was born in 1946. I’m sure he was precocious but….


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