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Tucker Carlson: It’s Time to Reassess Our View of Kamala Harris

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reflects on Vice President Kamala Harris’ blunders and analyzes why people praise her on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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  1. Reassess our view? Is he suggesting she is something other than a slut, whore, social climber based on her willingness to perform sex acts in order to move upward, both socially and professionally? Ignorant as an 8th grader, with less developed morals?

  2. Setting aside the visceral hatred I have for anyone that advances her station on her back with her legs in the air, I don’t see how she could be any worse than the current corpse we have now. Sure, I guess she could give us 8 years of misery as opposed to 4 but on the substantive issues of the day, furthering the progressive agenda and waging actual war on civil liberties, she would do nothing different from what the old fool is doing now.

  3. Thank you Tucker, by working together I too reassessed my views of Kammy.

    I’m not Jamaican, Indian or lived in Montreal, but I took French in the 4th grade, like jamaican jerk (obviously Kammy does too), Spicy Indian food, did drive through Denver in the 1970s, never was upper middle class, never could afford Harvard and didn’t use sex to elevate my stature.

    By working together, I have fully realized my white privilege of being and living a lower middle class life, I couldn’t see nor understand the Phenomenal Brilliance of Kammy Harris.

    If only, at a younger age, I was morally deficient and had known to fuck my way beyond my level of intelligence and competence, my life would be comparable to Kammy Harris.

    Thanks Tucker, But I Gained this wisdom too late in life.

  4. Why don’t we see what Susan Rice is up to, her and Val Jar are the ones who are really running this shit show at the behest of the anointed one. We all know the answer.
    If they have their way we will be a commie country in a very, very short time.
    Kamala will rule with a iron fist when she is in charge at the behest of obama (who she is taking orders from),she is as dumb as she sounds and will take her orders from the same crowd with out obama being seen, until they can get control of the whole country and our guns and then they will go all out. We can not let them.
    It does not look good from my point of view for them, we know what they are up to but they have over played their hand, they have to get rid of Joe soon.
    We have some time. Joe will screw it up soon,it has to happen.
    Remember obama him self said biden could screw things up, he is and that might be their down fall.
    I have not lost HOPE, God is on our side.
    Don’t get down in the gutter with them that is where they want us so they can drag us down with them.
    We have been here before and we will win in the end.
    It ain’t over till it is over.

  5. How much more can we tolerate?

    Well, we are about to find out, as the socialist screws tighten.
    How tight will the screws tighten to fundamentally change the foundation of a once free Nation?
    At that stage, will it be too late?
    What or who could be the catalyst?

    The January 6th hearings may be pathetic,
    but have been an effective warning to patriotic, law-abiding citizens:
    The government Justice system led by ideological Socialists will incarcerate you, stand you up before a hand chosen judge, prosecute you, crush you and destroy your life and your family.

    (There have been many less successful efforts for change in US History.)
    The American Revolution didn’t just happen. It’s probable that the only reason it’s known as “THE Revolution” is that it was successful.
    In fact, there were many unsuccessful revolutions, rebellions, uprisings, and insurrections before the one everyone knows about.
    People in America had been rebelling against colonial and local authorities long before they became actual Americans

    If this happens to veterans, what would law abiding citizens expect?
    Bonus Army Riots in Washington, D.C., July 1932
    Those who have been persecuted by their participation on January 6th were treated as the Veterans of 1932.

    Just another example of our lifetime:
    Martin Luther King was the foundation, a true leader of peaceful change.
    However, The Riots and the Black Panthers are the ones who successfully brought forth change
    through Violence, death and destruction.

    Thus far BLM and Antifa have created havoc through violent destruction of communities and businesses. The DOJ and FBI have made little, if any, efforts of bring violent offenders to Justice. Certainly Congress has made no effort for a show trial on the House Floor. All because the socialist Democrats approved and encouraged people to riot in the streets. Many provided bail money to release offenders back on the street within a few days. Liberal Local State Attorneys and Judges released offenders with no charges.
    Now threats by Members of Congress are again encouraging people to assemble and harass Supreme court Justices at their residences.

    How much can Americans tolerate the Socialist attacks on
    Pregnancy Crisis centers who provide needed assistance to expecting Mothers and Mothers of new born babies. Many Pregnancy Crisis centers have been fire bombed

    How much more of the turning of the screws by Socialists can we tolerate?

    November elections are incredibly important if you don’t agree to be screwed. We can turn the tide, stop further violence and end Biden’s socialist agenda that is incrementally destroying our Nation.

  6. WHY?! “Kamalalala ding-dong – FUCKNUT!!” (the old Avon jingle) has always been my assessment; how has it changed from THAT?!

  7. Tucker’s satire is always appreciated.
    The left hates him and they feel that charging him as being not a journalist is somehow an insult to his accomplished goal. What they don’t understand is to appreciate Tucker Carlson a person must first have good listening skills and an appreciation for creative snark. Tucker Carlson doesn’t report news, he creates a monologue about the news. That is where the one-dimensional mindset of the average leftist gets confused by the message. The left has yet to discover that journalism as it is today, has died the death of a million paper cuts. Tucker Carlson’s goal is to deliver that realization to them with irreverent satisfaction, day after day.
    He loves his work, and it shows.

  8. Mama always said, “Kamala is like a box of chocolates, passed around until everyone gets a piece”.


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