Tucker Carlson Slams City of Seattle For Allegedly Selecting Employees For “Anti-Racism Training” Based on Skin Color

Dan Bongino:

On Thursday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson talked about a new City Journal report that said that Seattle allegedly sent an email last month inviting white employees of the City to a training session titled “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,” which exists presumably to make white employees see their “complicity in the system of white supremacy.”

Carlson noted that there would obviously be national outrage if another race were selected for this type of training and that this must be pushed back on, calling it the “purest kind of race hate.”

Carlson said:

“Imagine if the conservatives who presumably run a local government in Oklahoma City sent an email to every African-American municipal employee telling them to report to a special meeting. Imagine that when those employees arrive, again, black employees only, nobody else allowed, they were informed that the fact they were black was deeply offensive. In fact, it was a kind of crime. And the only way to atone for the sin of their blackness was to apologize for it. Apologize for being born black and then work to shed all traces of your black identity. Stop spending so much time around your black friends, stop repeating things your black parents told you growing up, start admitting out loud that you hate yourself for having black skin. Imagine if that actually happened in this country. What would you think of it?


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  1. What’s more pathetic are the useless sheep who actually went after it was announced only for white people. That right there is a flat out illegal order. No has to follow that, and if they fire you, you have a lawsuit, at least while the current constitution is in effect, which could be days or weeks at this point.

  2. You need to read about the whole push across the country in all cities for this “training”. It’s bad. Very, very bad. The people putting this junk together teach that “perfectionism and objectivity” among a number of other very good values, are inherently racist, and that they want whites to “rid themselves” of these kinds of racist ideas.

    It’s bad. And it’s not just Seattle.

  3. this crap’s been going on for decades in the corporate & gov’ment bureaucracies
    anyone remember the stupid ‘penguin’ cartoon we had to sit through?

    it’s just now that it’s actually going to the next step of shaming to comply

    RESIST, you jellyfish!

  4. Democrats are racists and race-baiters to their cores, they just shifted their victims from black to white.

  5. It’s those chocolate eclair cookies with the marshmallow centers, crispy base and creamy chocolate coating!

    No. Wait.

    No, it’s Seattle homeless turds swirling around the black toilet hole of insanity.

    I need dessert – and a drink.

  6. This coming Tuesday our entire company has Unconscious Bias and “Allyship” Training. This is the lily white Executive Office’s cowardly response to cave into an out of control HR Department, a Chief Diversity Officer, race based “affinity groups” they promoted and and squeaky wheel millenials. No, those Executive Officers won’t retire early to make way for better qualified minorities but they are open to a constructive dialogue for how we are more of a social experiment than a business.

    You understand that you’re a racist but it’s probably not your fault! You were raised in the same institutionally racist country so it’s really The System and The Country’s fault. But they’re going to fix that.

    You need to be a good Ally. You should be holding minorities on your shoulders and help further their careers as much as possible. And not just one. How many can fit on your shoulders? Maybe we can upgrade your work performance on how many minorities you’ve served. Maybe they can give you a Yelp review in what an effective Ally you’ve been to them.

    I wish I was kidding but I am not.


    Room 101 has your seat ready.

  7. The message is:

    You need to become slothful, sloppy in your work and to erase any pride you may take in accomplishment.
    Always keep in mind that minorities are struggling to compete and by setting high quality standards you are repressing them.

  8. To me the message is “we done ran out of Racism® in 2008” and they are running around like chickens with their collective heads cut off trying to re-establish it!
    Like the Revrum Jeremiah Wright used to say:
    “yer chickenzzzzzzzz are comin hommmmmmm to roooooost! Holmes”

  9. Gin Blossom — That is precisely the message. It’s the same thing that was done at colleges and universities to up their minority quotas — lower the entrance standards and then drag the kids’ carcasses across the graduation stage.

    It is the same thing done for complaining feminazis in the military, law enforcement and fire houses across the country — lower the entrance standards to accommodate their physical weaknesses (damn the outcomes).

    It is the same thing done for trannies in the military as well. And the Target stores.

    Lowering the standards of a high-achieving society is necessary to ushering in communism because — man-oh-man — we all know how disappointing a centralized government is, right? And when the government controls everything, don’t expect a right and a left shoe of the same size in that box of overpriced Nikes you had to wait ten months to purchase.

    Come to think of it, tech companies have successfully overcome the racist issue of high expectations for decades. When’s the last time anyone actually expected their cel phone not to drop calls?


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