Tucker: Democrats are the driving force behind racial division

Democrats are pushing the abhorrent lie that moral value corresponds to skin color: Some races are inherently good, others are inherently bad.

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  1. “No Shit Sherlock“ comes immediately to mind. Anyone who is just figuring that out now is kind of slow on the uptake.

  2. At least Carlson said it openly to the entire listening public. Too many people are moral cowards and are afraid to call out the criminally vicious lies of those America hating socialists and communists who rule tyranically while hiding behind the name of “Democrat”.

  3. While this is an “of course” observation, it’s worth a few words to ponder how it came about.

    The media, which perpetually seek “stories” to blather about, decided some time ago that the activist Left and its endless “protests” about some sort of “injustice” were a rich vein to mine. Democrats have long been dependent upon the good will of the media; indeed, without media favoritism, they would be a shrunken, essentially irrelevant minority party. So when the media started nudging the Democrats to the Left, the Democrats sensed that their position as media favorites might be in danger should they fail to go along. That, plus the Democrats’ penchant for identity politics and “divide to conquer” strategies, gave us our present situation, in which no Democrat will openly contradict the Left’s positions.

    America’s media must be detoxified.

  4. @Francis — One has to go lot further back to the roots of today’s Democrat Party. The Leftist movement in America predates widespread use of modern communications (other than print media and Ivy League universities). See: The Frankfurt School. Just don’t expect to gain an accurate understanding of its principle theories or its luminaries from Wikipedia (which has — predictably — rewritten the main tenets of The School). You’ll have to do your own primary research by reading the progenitors’ own words. If you’ve attended a major university in the past 30 years, you’ll undoubtedly have been assigned as “required reading” many of the authors of Critical Theory. (See also: “the slow march through the institutions.”)

  5. Aways remember the democRAT motto:

    “We’re just here to “protect” the little guy.
    Wherever there’s wrong-doing, we’ll be there.
    Wherever there’s corruption, we’ll be there.
    Wherever there’s injustice, we’ll be there.
    Wherever there’s “racism”, we’ll be there.
    And wherever there’s a bunch of big guys beating up
    on the little guy, we’ll be there too…

    helping to hold the little guy down!

    The democRAT Misery Merchants are proving every day that are desperate for a win. (all of the flop-sweat oozing out of CNN should be yer first clue!)
    It is impossible for them to win a logical, cogent, truthful argument against the U.S. Way of life thru Capitalism. So they’ve employed Socialist-Communist tactics of draggin everything and everyone down to their level of SUCK in order to win using a co-opted, Complicit, Bought & Paid for, Knee-Pad Media, Communist stooges for candidates and so-called “leaders” and the perfect teflon name for the movement through which to burn our country down: Black Lives Matter!
    Of course NOTHING could be further from the Truth… but that is exactly the point! It’s all about winning at any cost, including sacrificing Blacks and their kids!
    And if they can’t win they are going to make damn sure they fuck things up so badly by inciting chaos, mayhem and anarchy it will leave us crippled for the next generation! Like it or not we are in a war and the good people of this nation had better recognize that the Socialist-Communist democRATs have put our way of life in jeopardy. It’s time to man up and start fighting back or lose it to a thousand years of darkness as a wise man once said!

  6. Thanks to the democraps co-opting (if not stamping out) Christianity, the doctrine of Original Sin has been lost. Then all this racial nonsense could be dismissed.


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