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Tucker: Kamala Harris may end up running the country

There’s nothing moderate about Harris’ agenda.

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  1. I have never understood TDS. It’s completely irrational. Trump hasn’t done one thing to impact anyone’s life negatively outside of not giving other peoples egos a hug.

  2. We are all doubtlessly enjoying the current Democrat presentation of scatological theater. Much of it is based on the assumption that they are trying desperately (and failing miserably) to beat Donald Trump.

    But has it occurred to anyone that perhaps the progressives within the party are NOT trying to bring down Trump, but the Democrat party instead? That the progressives in the party are intentionally making the worst possible decisions regarding the 2020 election in an effort to collapse the current party (and the few remaining moderate members within it) in order to replace it with a new, 100% progressive party?

  3. Actually mickey President Trump has impacted a lot of very wealthy and powerful peoples’ lives. Negatively. People like Tom Donahue whose minions literally write(or used to before Trump) all of our legislation. They’re out trillions especially since we’re starting come to our senses about Communist China.

    If you want to get ill, look at how deep the Red Chinese are in Mitch McConnell’s family and any questions about the crap pulled on Trump and how come the Senate slow walked any meaningful investigations until now, nearly election time, should be answered.

    Trump has stepped on a lot of toes and rightfully so, they believe a President Trump, who knows the ropes now and won’t be worried about another election, will unleash some real nasty shit on them.

    We shall see.

  4. Surely the Republicans will stand up to her and block her, the same way they and the Democrats have blocked Trump.

  5. Kalamity Harris didn’t conceal her vision of what the United States would look like if she got elected before she ducked out of the Iowa Caucuses. Dementia Joe won’t be that difficult to displace. She’s a lawyer. The Twenty-fifth Amendment to the US Constitution was written for her ascension to the high office she couldn’t win on her own.

  6. She’s a junior Senator who’s riding shotgun to a grinning imbecile. She hasn’t packed up her knee-pads yet. She’s only traded up for the deluxe signature models! Someone’s pulling her strings too.

  7. What is with Heels Up Harris’ simpering baby voice that she uses? That little girl voice might have put lead in Willie Brown’s pencil back in the day, but the whore is pushing 60 and WAY past her ‘sell by’ date.


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