Tucker: Kneeling will never be enough for the mob

Why are Americans surrendering to violent mobs? Because they’ve been told they have to.

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  1. while ur down there kneeling, start taking numbers for the free blowjobs you’re going to provide – a**holes. maybe you can get extra cred for taking on muslims, illegal aliens, etc.

  2. Because the propaganda media doesn’t show all the brutal violence. How many videos you’ve seen on the internet have been on TV? How many people blindsided by niggers (no apologies) have they shown?

  3. This is an important step. A barrier broken. This wasn’t for the benefit of the mob. It was to humiliate LE and the traditional power structure and to a point even you and me. We are following our enemies play book.

  4. CNN runs segment:
    CNN: White Children “Don’t Deserve Innocence”

    This is what happens when our leaders kowtow to niggers.

    They think they can do any damn thing they want and we aren’t allowed to spit.

    IF white people take this shit, then white people deserve exactly what they’re going to get from the niggers.

  5. The Riotous Mob: A thick dark mass of evil rolls through town after town absorbing everything it can. Who can save civilization? The majority! Destroy it now.

  6. I kneel only to God and his Son, Jesus Christ.
    Anyone else who wants me there has to put me there
    and prop up my body because I’ll be dead; along with
    some too pushy others I didn’t know.

  7. This isn’t about race. If it was why are they using dynamite to break into ATMs? And where are they getting the dynamite?

  8. *Affirmative Action was never enough
    *Any amount of apologies will never be enough
    *Preferential contract awards will never be enough
    *Any amount of reparations will never be enough
    *White guilt will never be enough
    *Genuine compassion will never be enough

  9. A country founded by white people, and who are still a majority, have allowed a feral group with third world mentality to rundown their vaunted greatest nation in the world and put a stop to all modern progress, peace and industry!

  10. America needs to invoke the international Lemon Law and tell the African nations that they sold us a bad product and we not only want to return the product but we want all of our money back including damages!

  11. The only kneelers are the Mayors, Chiefs of Police and County Sheriffs who refuse to do their jobs to stop the criminal elements of the rioters and looters. Just remember this when you call 911, choose to protect yourself and your family.

  12. If white people don’t get organized, we’re headed towards a Holocaust. This kneeling, collective white guilt, and special rights shit is just a pretext for genocide. Don’t be like stupid white liberal cunts. Best figure this out now. The chinks want to use the western communists and nigger mobs to wipe you out, one way or another.

  13. NEVER call the police.

    I’ll tell you this, this kneeling shit wouldn’t happen in Lamesa or in any town in n AR where I live now.

    It’s happening in blue cities and if they think it’ll delay the alligator, they’re as dumb as rocks.

  14. I am with the above commenter that I kneel to no one but my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you have such an inferiority complex that you need to make someone kneel or need to hurt Or kill them to try to make yourself feel big, sounds like a personal problem. They can kill my body but not my spirit, and they can take it up with God.

  15. And appeasing these apes And leftists really worked well for Caucasians on the African Continent, didn’t it?

  16. NY Times posted an article recently which a lib friend shared. It calls for vast reforms of police departments at all levels, particularly demilitarization. To some point I agree, in that some outreach can be more cost-effective and that our forces have been overmilitarized since Clinton started giving away military equipment (and his successors continued).
    Then the article called for eventual abolishment of police forces. Um, no.

  17. You have to hand it to the handlers who came up with all this: it works brilliantly.

    They did not count on PDJT, however – or our support of him.

  18. Yes, lay your weapons down and see how that works out for you. That’s the ticket to peace on earth.
    There are many that want to kill you, preferably slowly. So that would be a no go.

  19. Left Coast Dan

    I’m a big believer in the demilitarization of our Law Enforcement. The should get back to “To Protect and Serve”.

  20. Yeah, last evening I saw some guy on FNC saying he just wants to be able to go where ever he wants and not be harassed or have people be suspicious of him.

    Well, sorry. But periodic national two week periods of protesting against conditions that are largely a myth, combined with riots and looting. Doesn’t promote the conditions he longs for.


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