Tucker: ‘Not Every Accuser Is Telling the Truth, I Learned This the Hard Way’

FOX : Tucker Carlson said in his opening monologue that anonymous allegations of sexual misconduct always lead to abuses, describing his own experience with a false allegation of sexual assault.

“Not everyone accused of a sex offense is guilty. Not every accuser is telling the truth. I learned this the hard way,” he said.

Carlson recalled that a woman he had never met accused him and included specific, “stomach-turning” details, and yet “none of it was true.”


He said he spent two months fighting the claims, paying a “fortune” to lawyers, undergoing a polygraph test and living in fear that the false charge would become public.

“I couldn’t tell my employer because I knew I’d be fired immediately,” said Carlson, explaining that people accused of committing a sex offense are always presumed to have done something wrong.

“This isn’t a defense of sexual harassment or misbehavior, obviously. It’s just a reminder that real life is complicated, more complicated than sermonizing on Twitter. Sometimes the mob is wrong, sometimes the innocent are crushed,” he said.

Carlson compared the allegations against Harvey Weinstein to the recent “sexting” scandal involving Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas).

Barton, a grandfather who sent a lewd photo to a woman he was seeing while going through a divorce, was embarrassed when the pictures surfaced in the media earlier this month.

Carlson said nobody is accusing Barton of sexual abuse, but that “many media outlets treated Barton like the heir to Harvey Weinstein.”

“If anything, it is Barton’s former girlfriend that could be guilty of a crime,” he said, referring to so-called “revenge pornography.”  MORE

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  1. Where does he go to get his money back? The accuser’s law firm should be held accountable for filing the suit without properly investigating the woman. A lot of this would be stopped if that was done.

  2. Women should not automatically be believed.
    We learned that too.
    One of my sons had a career in the Navy axed because of false accusations of abuse.
    No one asked any questions, they just believed the crazy girl.
    Who, by the way, finally admitted it was all fake in divorce court.
    I read an article this morning about how women on Capitol Hill routinely use sex as a means of climbing the ladder to power and money. Men too.
    If there is evidence, by all means, prosecute.

  3. Did Tucker sue his false accuser? There must be consequences to hearing false witness, or it will just get worse. Make ’em think twice when that call comes in from Gloria Allred.

  4. I believe the whole Roy Moore incident was a test run. Trump was the ultimate target, and they needed to see if they could bring someone down simply with accusations and no proof. It was working until their little trick opened a hole in the dam. Then, ooops, the non stop stories against liberals started and they had to be thinking “WTF, this was supposed to get Trump not us.” Karma is a B…h

  5. Beach mom. Saw same thing, different branch of service. Out of control step daughter made up story. Told counselor at school. Media covered step dad’s every movement 2 horrible years. Lost his security clearance. Was put into low-pay, no brainer job pending outcome. Maintained his innocence. Story not backed up by medical exam or other family members. Eventually little girl fessed up, DA backed down. To this day there are still who believe he is a child molester. I believe he died 20 years early because of this.

  6. @Czar of Defenestration November 30, 2017 at 9:50 am

    Seeing Miami underwater in that article, where are the Telemundo (etc.) plaintiffs? Do all the New (and Semi-) Americans on those networks, surrounded by “not a real pornstar” “weather” girls, just go home, obediently, in abject fear of The Chancla(!)? Do the “not a real pornstars” just cash the checks for the jobs they were hired for? Instead of a “Chinese” “re-negotiation” of their severance packages. Networks that know Lena Dunham is so hawt(!) are saving those videos up for the “full release” finish? Enquiring (as opposed to inquiring) minds want to know.

  7. False accusers need to be prosecuted and do prison time, and made to pay monetarily for any loss of income/future income and legal fees to their victims. And forever be barred from receiving any kind of taxpayer funded welfare.


    💥 Every call to the police for a domestic dispute, who do the police believe and drag away? The man or the woman? (same result no matter who calls)Who usually loses their 2nd Amendment right in that dispute?

    💥 Who is believed in child custody cases? Men or women? Who usually gets the kids?

    💥 Who is automatically believed every “October Surprise” in 4 year cycles regardless of evidence?

    💥 Who is supposed to be the RESPONSIBLE ADULT and “pay their fair share” during an abortion dispute? Who makes the decision if the child is a child or not? Who doesn’t get to make any decisions?

    💥 Who usually is the shrieking crying protesting temper-tantrum-monger? Women’s Marches or Men’s Marches?

    💥 Who tries to win arguments by CRYING? Men or women?

    💥 Who runs to the media to get get attention as a victim? Men or women?

    💥 Who has to sign up for SELECTIVE SERVICE, and who gets to stay safely out of harm’s way?

    💥 Who does most of the dirty dangerous jobs, and who gets cushy air-conditioned office jobs?

    💥 Who dies more at work?

    💥 Who is the victim of violent crime more?

    💥 Who usually gets people to rush in to their defense during a fight or argument?

    💥 Who usually gets less punishment for making FALSE CLAIMS to the police? Men or women? Who usually makes the false claims?

    💥 Which gender lives longer?

    💥 Who gets their contraception paid for by taxpayers?

    💥 Who gets their abortion funded by taxpayers?

    💥 Whose diseases get more attention and funding?

    💥 Whose suicide rate is higher?

    💥 Whose homeless rate is higher?

    🔥 Excuse my French, but it’s warranted: 🔥 WOMEN ARE TREATED LIKE ADULT FUCKING BABIES THEIR ENTIRE LIFE!

    And guess what we get for all that pampering? -Yes, adult fucking babies. Stop backing down to these people! Stand up, let the caterwauling go on, wipe away the fucking tears, and stand your ground. They only damn adults in society are straight white MEN! Everyone else is a blubbering child-like victim.

    We need our own gender/racial organization just to break even.

  9. I just watched Matt Lauer grill, I mean grill, Bill O’Reilly on his sex/hass accusations. I thought Bill handled himself well. I wondered what was going through Lauer’s mind during the interrogation?
    Go to: 710wor.com/mark. (Full video/ sickening)
    The Mark Simone show from NYC

  10. There are no protections for innocent people, for once the Police report is made, the Court visited, or the rumor spread in the Hood The System says you are guilty simply because you are now in it. They overlook the lies of the female but will pounce on the man even in the face of contradictory evidence.
    There is also a spiritual element to false accusations, and female domination that only God The Father can help you with.

  11. There are courts of law.
    There are courts of public opinion.
    Both are flawed.
    And crappy people take advantage of those flaws.

  12. Excuse me, angry male activist, but women, in general, are not your enemy. You have a lot of anger, but most of it is misplaced. I know a lot of straight, white male adult babies, but I don’t hate all men because of them. Get a grip.

  13. @🔥🔥🔥ANGRY MALE ACTIVIST🔥🔥🔥 November 30, 2017 at 11:09 am

    > We need our own gender/racial organization just to break even.

    Excuse me, sir. Do you have a moment to talk about Allah?

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