Texas: Tucker obtains whistleblower report on military flying illegal immigrants

15 Comments on Texas: Tucker obtains whistleblower report on military flying illegal immigrants

  1. the whole damn gubmint is corrupt at this point……wonder what would happen if everyone just stopped paying taxes?

  2. You would think there would be checks and balances in place to prevent this type of thing from happening. Unless every government agency has been corrupted and unified in one goal of destroying, or at least destabilizing, the country. We’re also supposed to have fair and honest elections. What happened to standing up for what’s right and what’s the payout for not doing so? Must be pretty sweet because sitting around playing Scrooge McDuck while your house burns doesn’t sound very sustainable.

  3. If they’re not flying pallets of cash to Iran they’re flying diseased illegals to red states.
    C’mon man!

  4. J Conners JULY 15, 2021 AT 12:46 PM…just last night I was wondering what people would do if chinese troops were marching through their neighborhoods. I don’t think that’s such a crazy idea anymore.

  5. Load up C5 and C17 planes
    Fly them back over Mexican border
    Open cargo bay doors at 30000 feet
    Drop them out (parachutes optional)
    Problem solved.

    Where are they getting these officers?
    When I was commissioned, I remember the oath about supporting and defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic
    I don’t remember anything about distributing enemies (illegal aliens are enemies iPod the state as they have invaded our country) throughout the country.

  6. With “leadership “ like this, it’s no wonder the military art being used against the honest citizens.


    This clown made it to four stars and Chaairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and I only made it to major.

    Calling the best President in our lifetimes and the patriotic Americans who voted for our country names sucks.

  7. I have noticed a dramatic increase recently in hispanics locally (mostly males with a distinctly gang-like appearance), along with lots of graffiti and other crimes. All right out of Obama’s play book.

  8. More than likely all government is corrupted. Look who Biden appointed to head them!

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