Tucker: Our leaders dither as our cities burn


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  2. great monologue by Tucker tonight … he’s fast becoming the voice of sanity in today’s insane world

    … one of the few I bother to tune in to on Fox anymore …. sadly

  3. I really want to throw a chair at nikki haley. Also, the heritage foundation has been shifty for a long time. Those are Romney’s people.

  4. I’ve reached a saturation point where I can’t watch this stuff anymore, the brutality and the thuggery of an out of control mob, feigning their virtuous outrage when in reality they are just looking to score a free TV or beat up an innocent white guy, it makes me sick so I just turn the channel.

    I’m embarrassed at the level at which our society has devolved. Yeah, I know it primarily because we have turned our back on God and our duty to lead righteous lives, it is so depressing.

    And my shit list grows exponentially, from the lying politicians, the race hustlers, the agenda-driven MSM, and the vapid Hollywood types who wallow in identity politics and America blaming/hating.

  5. Forget the racial stuff for a minute. The manipulators tried to use a virus to lock us down and destroy the economy, but they couldn’t credibly sustain the shutdown. And yet my suburban town—distant suburb—is now under curfew again because of antifa, or white supremacists, but not because of black priotesters. The manipulators are trying to scare us again.

    We are being hobbled by other means. I guess the plan is to keep is under soft martial law with one ginned-up calamity after another, until we get used to the yoke. I know Trump will deal with this attack successfully, but the next one is waiting in the wings already.

  6. I would recommend archiving this half-hour Carlson speech because a future generation will secretly watch the forbidden video and understand what caused America’s downfall. America is damn close to Civil War, except the Patriots have not been pushed hard enough to react in kind. They will when this chaos reaches suburbia, trust me.

  7. TO the HELL with Tucker. Fuck ’em. Did you hear what he said at 19:45 about, ‘the trailer parks are rock solid’ about Trump voters. Then he picks he uses of Jared K make the guy look like a Nazeee…and guess what? The DNC is using this now as an add already!!

    What a douche.

    The comments on that FOX vid are turned off. Why?
    Because he is being ripped a new asshole that’s why.

  8. I understand President Trump watches Fox; I hope he pays attention to the part about Jared Kushner. The guy is a snake.

  9. The only way to quell this anarchy is to fight back. If Republicans had stood up to the Kenyan Puppet, he would have been driven out of office by a revolution.

    As da Vinci said, “It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.”

    From my vantage point, America is getting damn close to the end; it’s looking more and more like Hell.

  10. @Tony R – please explain the snake comment, only because that is how the left see’s this guy, Jared.

    ‘The left hates him so therefore I like him’ is my mantra these daze.

    Again, please explain.

  11. The idiots are blocking interstates all over the country and then whining when they get their asses ran over.
    I was just watching a video on FB recorded in Tulsa, OK where the idiots blocked an interstate, started beating on a guy’s truck and horse trailer, ended up burning his horses and he ran their asses over. Idiot Antifa bastards along with idiot BLM bastards are commenting he was a rich bastard with his $150,000 set up and deserved to have his truck and trailer destroyed and his horses killed. Because if he wasn’t a rich bastard he would have just turned around. Yep, real easy to just make a U-turn on a bridge on the interstate driving a quad cab one ton dually with a full size bed while towing a 40 ft trailer.
    How about you idiots stay the hell off the highways and how about cops actually enforce the law and keep them off the highways?

    I was rooting for him to flatten at least half of them.

    One of their little buddies was so proud of himself he bragged about throwing “gas over the trailer.”


    This video is not correct, one horse was burned bad and another horse was injured, according to friends of the family in the truck.


  12. We’re headed for martial law, Old Racist White Woman.

    After that starts, China will move an army into Hong Kong.

    After that, Taiwan will be attacked.

    After that, the U.S. will be at war on two fronts: at home and the western Pacific.

    After that, we have about a 25% chance of an election.

  13. @Tony R – fair enough and thanks.

    BUT on the second article to blame JK for ‘DJT’s mistakes’ on the handling of Whuflu? That one I do not get? Not sure what to make of that one.

    On another front, do you think he is getting in the way of Middle East policy or just the opposite, doing something, although this is way on the back burner now issue??

    Does the Prison Reform Act have any substance??

  14. The thought came to me that a significant portion of these riots is being fueled by frustrated Bernie-Bros lashing out at establishment Democrat icons. The protests and looting were planned, but then the Bernie-Bros went off script and started beating up compliant reporters, attacking CNN, the AFL-CIO, etc.

    The Dems, and many Republicans, embraced and enabled the “protesters”. They are now being engulfed in a firestorm of hate and chaos, and worse, so are their constituents.

    This will not be forgotten in November, and Obamagate is just getting started, so the diversionary tactic is wasted. That’s what you get when you live for the current poll numbers.

    Oh, and I think Trump should be shopping for a replacement for VP on his ticket. Pence has never quite seen fit to rise to the occasion. He is too much the establishment, appeasing, “noble” Republican.


    “I feared for my life” is not just for cops, it’s for everyone.

    Where was the right wing pulling out their guns to fight back against the mob?

    You just let this happen? Stupid.

  16. It’s after midnight and the Seattle police are still chasing rioters around the streets. Shots fired. New guy with an AR15. Stores are getting broken into. Trying to sleep but instead I’m reading the dystopian seattleprotest twitter feed. Guess I’ll have nightmares tonight.

  17. Illustr8r, I too am up again letting the dog go out side and and praying and weeping again for my country. It’s after 1 AM, we all need a good nights sleep and my mind and my emotions are keeping me awake because of the chaos and rampant violence in the country right now. I pray that this too shall pass but I don’t know. All I know is we need God to intervene and for the Police to start busting heads and putting these punks and their sympathizers including the media, hollyweird etc. in their place. If we don’t we will have civil war and no one wants that. Stay safe in Seattle, one of my brothers lives there and I pray for his safety as well and that they will leave his business alone down on the flats below the University of Washington by Hec Edmundson Pavillion.

  18. I don’t like how the video of O’Brien was used to make Trump look bad.
    It is first the job of Governors to take care of law enforcement in their states. The Feds don’t get involved unless the Govs fail.
    Trump told them he will send in military if the Govs don’t step up.

    That being said, Kushner is a snake.

  19. Yo, Tucker, “leader” is Engrish for “fuhrer.”

    We need to reject such animals as unfit for a Republic.

    “Those who strive for tyranny deserve death.”
    (to paraphrase a dead white dude – the #metoo and #BLM slaves wouldn’t understand)

    izlamo delenda est …


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