Tucker Takes On Fast Talking Racist Michael Eric Dyson

Tucker sort of juggled the ball a bit with Dyson.

The subject is reparations, and Dyson recommends that white people set up “individual reparations accounts” to right the wrongs of the past.

With the account they can give black people money.

Carlson then counters that Dyson is more privileged than most whites.

Dyson goes into fast talking mode and throws together a specious word salad.

“Jackie Robinson had a great job, making more than most whites, but he still couldn’t drink from a ‘white only fountain.”

Two points Tucker missed.

-There is no systemic racism in America. So, problem solved.

-Dyson undercut his own argument. On one hand he says Robinson’s money did nothing to quell Robinson’s misery, yet, on the other hand Dyson’s solution is to give modern blacks money.”

I submit that there is no misery, in 2017, thrust upon blacks that is not self-imposed, Dyson knows this, and it’s simply all about the Benjamins.


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  1. Only guilt-ridden white liberals would go along with this ridiculous scheme. Let them throw their money down this rat hole. That’s less money for them to donate to socialist candidates.

  2. If he really believes that blacks are owed, based on claims of prior discrimination, then he should be talking about repatriation as the solution. Restored back to what they lost, i.e, their home country! The original sin was bringing them here against their will!

  3. Dyson never picked cotton and I never owned a slave. Go hump yourself Professor.

    He should go after the blacks and muslimes in Africa who captured and sold other blacks into slavery.

  4. Dyson misses the obvious point that regardless of his big buck salary as a College Prof, he and the low-paid white janitor of his building can drink from the same water fountain, and have been able to do so for almost half a century.

  5. That racist piece of shit can go to hell. There is not one victim of slavery alive and there is not one person alive who ever owned a slave. If anyone owes, it’s the blacks who’ve been on the dole since Johnson’s Great Society movement. They need to pay for Law Enforcement and incarceration expenses as well.

  6. Prevaricating puke. More were delivered to South America than here, they never speak of that. They also never speak of the guilt of those, of the same race, that sold them in the first place.

  7. Well, reparations go one way repayment goes the other. The black ancestor that came over as slaves owe the white man for the price of said black ancestor as well as the cost of an average passage over the ocean to America (which in those days quite often cost a family almost their entire fortune). Then add on room and board, medical over the years, determine whether the average age was greater for slaves in America then similar African natives and if so, charge for that, subtract from that the wage that would have been paid for daily non-skilled labour, add to it the cost of education (however rudimentary) they received that would be missed had they stayed and finally the big one. The cost of lives and property damage from the civil war that was fought primarily to free the slaves and preserve the union. Any calculation for reparations stops in 1866 (I think) when Congress outlawed slavery for good. Then we’re talking interest on both sides. Hmmm, I recommend that black people set up “individual reparations accounts” to right the wrongs of the past.

    You want to play the reparations game Dyson, ok let’s play.

  8. His colleagues in the staff room told me that Dyson brags about wiping his ass with his own hand after laying down some cable right before class.

  9. Just because ALL of the people who were around to experience “systemic racism” are now OLD, is no reason for said old people AND their progeny to stop looking for a handout. Is it?

    HILLARY 2020! Please, oh merciful Father — let HER be healthy enough to lose again in MMXX.

  10. Go to a public event like a sporting venue: look at the spectators, look at the players; see integration, intermarriage, and interaction, look at the assimilation and wanna-bes of cultural approbation – there’s a heck of a lot more common ground between whites/blacks then there are between Americans/muslims.

    I would put forth the idea that people’s opinions and prejudices cross behavioral boundaries more than racial. Act like an ass you should be treated like one. Build a wall of reparations that says you are different then you are treated differently.

    When will idiots who scream BLM learn. —– ALL LIVES MATTER.

    The only money anyone ever gave me was monopoly money.

  11. You are right, BFH Tucker did not have his best stuff. But it is very hard to argue against such gibberish.

  12. Good luck with that February 4, 2017 at 10:45 am

    I agree the whites that had slaves,should pay the slaves reparations

    … only AFTER they have had due process …oh wait..they are ALL dead now…

  13. How would Dyson bill all blacks for the African Anthony Johnson who sued – and won -to legalize slavery of blacks in Virginia in 1655 claiming his African indentured servant was his “slave for life”? Whites, by the way, testified AGAINST Johnson’s suit to legalize ownership of another human being.

    How would Dyson identify the 28% of freed blacks who owned slaves to get reparations out of them?

  14. Lets see, can we even calculate the costs accrued by the criminal acts of blacks in this country? We have been paying through the nose post Eli Whitney.

  15. I don’t see anyone demanding reparations from moslems who forcibly took blacks and sold them into slavery.
    I’ll think about a private savings account for reparations to go along with my carbon credits savings account .

  16. How about the reparations and repayments FROM the blacks TO me for MY ancestors from the north (who never owned slaves) who fought and died in the War Between the States to free THEIR ancestors.
    I think if any of my ancestors could have foretold the future as it is now, seeing the massive numbers of blacks on the DildoCrat Plantation, they would have said “Fuck ’em. Let’em stay slaves.”

  17. Well we got some of those Franklin reparations all loaded up for you boys, come and get em. The dispenser is 30″ long and looks a lot like a double barreled shotgun. Ease on up to the end of the dispenser, get it lined up with your front pocket on your britches, after you pull them up where they supposed to be, then pull the release lever. Now don’t go blowin that money too fast!

  18. What about reparations to the seniors knocked out by black gangs, BLM rioters damages to their victims, and etc?

  19. I watched this interview in it’s entirety. Sadly, my respect for Tucker dropped a few points. He seemed to be non confrontational because they were sitting face to face. His other interviews where they are both in different studios are much different than this one. And Dyson is as big a kook as any others he’s interviewed. Sham on you, Tucker.

  20. I identify as white….I’ve never owned and would never own another human being……

    You want me to give money as reparations to people that identify as black that were never slaves…..

    You’re some kind of stupid…..$UCK IT.

  21. Billy Duster, blacks would have a looooog wait if they counted on contributions from lefties. The left doesn’t give their money. They give your money.

  22. @judgeroybean

    There are modern slaves and slavers……

    look to the Middle East and the moslem society….

    that’s were slaving is still going on.

  23. Many blacks are still slaves – they’re Democrats. Maybe someday they’ll be emancipated. THAT would be the time to demand reparations from their former owners.

  24. How bout “Fuck you?”
    I’m white.
    Never owned a slave in my life.
    My ancestors never owned slaves.
    My ancestors came to America after the Civil War.
    Russian serfs were “worse off than any ni&&er on a plantation or any Lett in Germany.”
    Cry, baby, cry … dry your little eye …

    I think negroes should set up accounts to repay white people for all the tax money wasted on them (turnabout, and all that). Say … about $20 Trillion? Then we’ll just call it even.

    izlamo delenda est …

  25. Carlson didn’t juggle the ball, more like bobbled it. He let Dyson outtalk him, then fell back on the weak argument that the guy was being hostile. Not one of his better interviews, but hey – you can’t win ’em all.

  26. Yeah, Tucker let this clown ramble on too long with his psycho-babble crap and didn’t seem willing to refute any of his outrageous nonsense. The only noteworthy exchange was when he called him out on being hostile and that touched a nerve with Dyson but he didn’t follow up on that…along the lines of “Yeah, you’re inherently hostile and a vile racist and all your fancy words and diction doesn’t cover up the fact that you’re an angry, bitter and delusional racist who makes a living out of creating resentment and hate. You’re a sad,pathetic and miserable wretch and I feel sorry for you”…jus’saying!

  27. As was said before You can’t argue with gibberish. Why waste time.
    Try telling them that Abe Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves.
    George Wallace and Bull Connors and their KKK brothers were democrats. It was democrats who beat the shit out of MLK and John Lewis on that bridge. It was President Eisenhower, a Republican, who assured that blacks could go to white schools. Now blacks want separate schools! Gimmeafuckenbreak!

  28. So, at work I work with a Warrant Officer. He
    just happens to be direct a lineage slave son
    from Georgia. The family still lives on the same
    property bestowed upon them however many years ago,
    are ALL conservatives, and ALL don’t want a fucking
    thing. His father is a retired Army officer, I don’t
    know about his grand dad.

    Take that for what you will. It’s the leftist welfare
    city scum that are pushing this.

  29. So a (dead) white person, who isn’t me, did a mean thing to a (dead) black person, who isn’t you, and therefore I should give you money.

    How about this, I’ll do you one better: A (living) black person, who isn’t you, once did a mean thing to a (living) white person who *IS* me (my apartment was robbed when I was in college).

    Seeing as my argument is at least 3 degrees of separation closer than yours, PAY UP SUCKA!!!


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