Tucker: The left doesn’t want Joe Biden to debate President Trump

Democrats want to hide presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden until Election Day. #FoxNews#Tucker

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  1. Joe talks tough from his basement, but he won’t debate Trump in person? Never in American history have we witnessed such a chicken shit running for the Presidency

  2. Since the media is now blaming the Tulsa Trump rally for the Chinese flu, I expect the next time they let Biden speak from his basement he’ll attempt to say he can’t and use that as his excuse because he cares about lives and Trump doesn’t.
    BTW, although that leftie idiot from Tulsa didn’t blame the rally, don’t be surprised if he or the leftie mayor doesn’t do so. Not much of anything, including numbers can be trusted coming out of that town.

    As a matter of fact I don’t trust any of the bureaucrats in any county or the state.


  3. The left doesn’t want Biden to debate President Trump because they know Jackass Joe is a stooge who is barely brighter than a parrot about to fall off his perch and twice as hard to train!

  4. c’mon man! looks like I got to come out of my fort I made in the basement, with a couple of chairs and that old horse blanket that Robby Byrd gave me … got a Knights of the KKK emblem on it … got all my plastic army men guarding it … really cool, man.
    don’t understand all this malarkey goin’ on … I’ll take that Trump behind the 7-11 & open up a can of whooping crane on him like I did that Corn Syrup guy … I love Aunt Jemima pancakes with Corn Syrup … but, that Corn-on-the-Cob guy ran with a lot of bad boys …. those darkies like it when I call them ‘boy’
    … but I got this chain & I wrapped it around my leg … you know, the hair on my leg used to turn blond in the sun & I let the little roaches rub it … I love when they sit on my lap …. mmmmmmmmm, sniff sniff
    … & the, uh … uh, thing ….chains …. gonna put ‘ch’all back in chains
    but I’m gonna debate that guy … I’ll tie one arm behind my back just to make it fair … gonna mop the floor with him … he’s no Millard Fillmore ya know, & I knew Millard Fillmore! … well, I did know his butler’s cousin Fred. used to dip his little sister Becky’s pigtails in the inkwell … yeah, I was a bad dude …. but you get what I mean … gonna put the old kibosh on him, the old razzle-dazzle, the old hooptie-do … I got more moves than Ex-Lax …
    uh oh …..

    Jill? … Jill??? … can I come up now? ……….. I think my Depends need changing ……….. Jill? ……………….. Hello? …. anybody up there?

  5. All Trump has to do in the first debate is make a confused face at Joe when he inevitably says something stupid and nonsensical.
    And when Joe stops talking, Trump can say,
    “Are you okay, Joe? [concerned look at moderators]
    No…I don’t think he’s okay…
    [hand motions to Joe]
    Look, this isn’t right.
    Can we take a time out and let him compose himself? I’m willing to take a break, it’s alright.”

    AAaaand for the rest of the night, Joe will have to defend and come back from that. Which will make him say crazier shit.

    Trump walks away a winner after 15 minutes. lol!

  6. Nah ,President Donald J Trump is gonna play the ‘cognitive decline’ pedal like it was the Mile High Nationals at Bandimere Speedway….just watch….Biden will core out….get ready for it….and I AM willystradamus……

  7. The Trump team should make videos of mock debates with Biden. Use a ringer for Joe.

    Or simply have an empty podium where Biden is supposed be. “The absent candidate running to be the absent president.”

    This writes itself.

  8. Joe’s going to be higher than a kite on whatever drugs he taking to make his brain work even for a few minutes. I predict dozens of head-scratching, non sequitor’s and lots of stuttering like he was a kid again.

  9. The biggest debate will be Biden debating Biden as his dementia hits critical mass. He’ll be seeing all kinds of strange people by that time.

    If Biden tries to dodge debates then all Trump has to do is to run ads saying that when the nation needed Biden he was nowhere to be found at the most critical moments.

  10. Dementia Joe Obiden Bama’s handlers will find a reason that satisfies his supporters for not debating President Trump. Most of them do not care if Dementia Joe is incapable of fulfilling the duties of this office. How many votes this will cost him remains to be determined. However this ends, I still believe Tara Reade’s version of what happened to her, even if she’s lying.


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