Tucker: The world welcomes its newest country

What a schiffhole!

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  1. AWESOME! Make it the new home of all Leftists and exile them to perpetually live in that glorious new paradise with no chance of return to the ‘mainland’.

  2. Wait until there’s one in every city and town across the Nation.
    Just like those Moslem no-go zones in European cities.

    Remember da Vinci’s warning: “It’s easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.”

  3. Anyone who takes the side of blm or antifa is complicit in their criminality.

    They must face justice, too.

  4. the first 4 minute of his show last night were legit comedy gold the geography question had me peeing my pants

  5. If you watch the TV coverage of this occupation you can spot the “enforcers”. The longer this goes on the worse the mayor and Governor look.

  6. I used to think that the nearest hostile country to the US was Canada, but CHAZ now has Canada beat. And that rapper makes a better warlord than Justin Trudeau.

  7. – The first actual 100% Welfare State
    – The first actual 100% Nanny State
    – The only “country” in the world with a GDP of a negative number.

    I do hope someone uses the word “sustainable” to describe this playpen.

  8. Very entertaining. I was going to say that the simplest solution would be to turn off all utilities and just wait for them to come crying for food and heat – but then the reporter commented that Seattle is actually helping them.
    As the minister in Blazing Saddles said, ‘You’re on your own.’

  9. I wonder if the Mayor knows there’s a bunch of jack asses carrying AK 47’s at her summer of love block party. The Mayor doesn’t strike me as exactly pro gun.

  10. I love me some Tucker. No, not in THAT way. I do not always agree with him, but he is willing to stick up for what is right, unlike many in the media.
    I fail to see what problem the police chief has with the Chaz rulers asking companies to pay a fee, isn’t that what all governments tell all companies?

  11. Wait until their first election, when they require voter ID and voter tax:
    Guy with AK47: “Are you a resident of Chaz?”
    Soy Boy: “Of course I am. I lived here since long before the glorious revolution.”
    Guy with AK47: “Prove it. Show me your Chaz residency card. And submit $50 in Chaz money with Che’s image on it.”

  12. What we need is a little compassion for our newest nation. We need to help them build a their wall around their country.

    A great big Trump border wall. Do it now.

  13. Trump threatening to go and fix this situation and the governor and mayor told him to mind his own business, it only makes the left own this the more. At some point it back fires on them.
    Another Wylie Coyote situation.

  14. Give everyone 24-hours to leave the area. Then, turn off the power, turn off the water, establish an additional 1-block perimeter, and arrest them as they come out.

  15. Summer’s coming to Seattle. It’s raining now, but the daytime temps are in the low-mid ’70s and soon it will get warmer.

    They could have at least picked a better piece of real estate to establish their “country”! Instead of Green Lake or the shores of Lake Washington or Lake Union (gas works park), they’re on a boring soccer field and inner city streets (it’s hot up there in the summer). They can’t be too militant to choose a location among a section of Seattle where all their support is. It would be like Trump Supporters taking over Winston, Alabama (voted for Trump 90%).

    Now I hear Portland’s Rose City antifa is trying to replicate this.

    Idiots and weirdos, all.

  16. Part of it is to get back at Trump or something. I’ll never understand how punching yourself in the face is supposed to hurt someone else. That’s the left for you.


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