Tucker: This is why Democrats are taking us to war with Russia

Fox News host gives his take on the real motivation behind U.S. involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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  1. I’ll need to watch this later, however I read today that all the drive by media, AND FOX, are ignoring the opener of 2000 Mules. I’ll watch Tucker. That’s about it.

  2. You name it, ending Roe vs Wade, voter ID, banning CRT, cash bail, etc. are purported to always hurt minorities the most but war with a NUCLEAR fucking POWER won’t?

  3. Loco, Dude they’re crashing the dollar too. Food shortage coming. Two food processing plants caught fire down in Modesto last week. How’s that happen? And here we sit, on our hands.

  4. I like Tucker Carlson, but I don’t think he, or anyone else has peeled enough layers off the onion.

    The visit by Pewlousi, McSchiff, and those other dopes means nothing. It’s a sideshow meant to say: The US will help Ukriane. Ukraine could have used active military allies, not words spouted by democrat fools, but that won’t happen. The war will end when Russia, satisfied with a couple of chunks of Ukraine will leave, and leave the wreckage for the Ukranians to sift through.

    IMO, it won’t lead to WWIII. Soros and his gang want to kill people peaceably through plandemics and jabs, not through WWIII, which will destroy zillions in assets that they want to keep intact.

  5. To me it smells like a pact between China, Soros, Russia and the democRATs to destroy the United States. If there was such a pact, what would they do that is any different than what we’ve seen happening?

  6. Toenex
    MAY 4, 2022 AT 4:48 PM
    “Everybody gets woke up when their house is on fire.”

    …nope. lots of times the smoke kills em long before they notice anything, and the Democrats have outlawed smoke alarms and stolen the batteries.

  7. Toenex
    MAY 4, 2022 AT 4:48 PM
    “Everybody gets woke up when their house is on fire.”

    …although sometimes the kids wake up, get scared, and hide under a bed or in a closet.

    That’s America, the kid under the bed hoping to hide from the flames while he chokes on the smoke.

  8. Brad.
    2000 Mules is sold out here in Az. I had checked the AMC Theaters website for showings but they don’t even advertize it so I went to the 2k Mules website. Oro Valley had a few tics left.

  9. @ SNS
    My bad analogy I guess, but what I was saying is people wake up when it starts to affect them majorly.
    There’s a killer storm coming, how’s that?
    PS- I enjoy hearing your experiences and your stories.

  10. @Toenex May 4, 2022 at 4:48 pm

    > Everybody gets woke up when their house is on fire.

    Not “their” house. Just one of their (no scare quotes) investment properties. And it’s insured. “Financialized”, for those of you who don’t know how to tie an onion to your belt. Or know what a belt is.

    > Hopefully.

    “Voting”. For those of you that, still, tie onions to your belts.

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