Tucker: What the left will to do to maintain control

It’s unlikely we’ll ever know conclusively what happened between Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford 36 years ago, if anything. But it’s crystal clear what’s happening now.

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  1. I nearly choked when I heard Gillbrand say, “I believe her because she’s telling the truth.” Carlson is correct: CHILDREN speak this way and I cannot believe New Yorkers are not embarrassed as hell to have her speaking on their behalf.

    I have always maintained one must be – above all – mature to function in a free society. Infantile, immature, selective listening grazers fail not because of the society, but because they are not equipped. Worse is that in most cases one can CHOOSE to equip themselves, yet so many refuse; that, and the simplistic and stupid reasons why, disgust me beyond belief.

  2. They’ll do anything but believe in God. Everything else goes, they’re no holds barred slip sliding down the path to destruction all the while calling it all progress. I despise the left, there’s nothing that they wont do in order to maintain power. They will lie, steal, cheat, slander, murder etc. in order to get their way and God forbid you stand in their perverted way. This sure as hell ain’t your fathers democrap party. I could rant on and on but what’s the point except to get more frustrated and disgustipated at them every day.

  3. Has Keith Ellison called for an FBI investigation of himself because of his girlfriend’s domestic abuse claims? No? GUILTY!

  4. Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, all of the fired TV personalities, all the (still secret) congresspersons hiding behind the pay-off ‘hush’ funds of taxpayer money, Al Frankenstein, & etc; I’m certain they called for an FBI investigation of themselves.

  5. I heard one public service ad…..

    That had a ton of women saying…..

    Something about believing Blasy-Ford’s testimony….

    There’s been no testimony at this time.

  6. Did this woman not foresee the consequences of stepping ever nearer the edge of complete revelation? Did she actually believe that her name and story would never become public? Did she trust the Dems to keep her letter secret? Did she trust her Dem Senators to act without more than a mere suggestion Kavanaugh had done such a horrible thing? Did she really believe she could make such a claim without proof or even coming forward? If so, I actually feel kind of sorry for her. She is naive, and stupid, and so caught up in her own feelings that her brain has stopped working.

    And then there are the Republicans – spineless, wimps. Allowing this to continue beyond Monday scheduled hearings is giving in to all this stupidity and compounding it.

    This allegation is unprovable, and undefendable no matter how much time is wasted.

  7. Just when you think the demoncrat party has reached as low as they can go they prove that they are still digging. The travesty the dems have perpetuated on BK cannot be allowed to succeed. If it does then our republic is doomed. There will never be another appointee to the supreme court or any other appointee that requires congressional approval. As the opposition party does not have the votes to stop a well qualified appointee they will simply manufacture another claim to derail or delay any appointee.
    The one bright side to this is that it has made many voters aware of the unethical practices being utilized by the slime balls in the democrat party. This is one of the many reasons that the walk away movement is being so successful.
    The blatant partisanship and anything goes positions of the dems illustrates the disfunction of congress as a whole. The conservative congressmen must stand up to this obvious blackmail attempt and confirm BK asap. Ms. Ford’s reluctance to testify under oath is understandable. Perjury carries some fairly strong punishments. However, her demanding investigations, telling congress what she will and will not do is simply delaying bullshit. She is the one that brought this bullshit up. Comply with congress or STFU, bitch.
    Step up the plate congress. Do your job and confirm this exceptionally qualified candidate NOW.

  8. Every senator, every pundit, every lawyer.. who allows this pigshit to continue
    should have their heads nailed to a tree with a heavy galvanized spike.

  9. Until such time that the left gets total power over society they have to commit murder by other means. This is the practice of “No man, no problem.” by other means.

    But let them get more power and they will actually commit open murder.

  10. Chrissy Ballsy Fraud must be heard on her terms and on her schedule and she must be treated with respect and protected and believed and not asked any questions by attorneys or anyone who doubts her memory or her motives. If this seems unusual or odd, you must be a misogynistic old white man. It’s really that simple, you simpleton. It’s all about protecting Roe v. Whatever.

  11. I have information from several reliable sources that Christine Ford has not paid her taxes in 8 years. I believe them because they’re telling the truth.
    And by the way, these sources will be kept anonymous. Thank you.


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