Turkey Drop! – IOTW Report

Turkey Drop!

It went bad. Les will tell you all about it @ WKRP.

h/t DOC.

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  1. Illustr8r, I remember crying the first time I watched Planes-Trains…
    I still get choked up

    Martin & Candy were the perfect pair for that movie.
    So many scenes… “three coins in a fountain’ “you’re fucked” “those aren’t pillows” of course

  2. Oh, and “how do they know where we’re going?”
    “yeah, how do THEY know?”

    The burnt car… damn…classic stuff!

  3. @Loco I know! I love that movie!!! When it came out in 1987 it had an R rating because of the rental car counter scene. Steve Martin unleashed 18 ‘F’s in one minute!

    I’ve seen it so many times and yup…it stills gets me every time. 😭💔

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  5. Amen Illustr8r, the driving wrong-way scene had me laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.
    Very few movies have ever done that.
    Laughing to near hyperventilation followed by being touched to the point of tears makes it a true one of a kind masterpiece.

  6. Don’t forget to re-listen to Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant (The Massacree Revisted). Your youngin’s will even learn about the US Draft. Another of my Thanksgiving favorites.

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