Turkey: Erdogan Signs Decree Turning Hagia Sophia into a Mosque

Legal Insurrection: Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ordered the conversion of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia into a mosque. The 1,500-year-old cathedral would open to Muslim worship later this month. The announcement was met with the cries of ‘Allahu akbar’ by a crowd gathered outside Hagia Sophia, media reports said on Friday.

The sixth century cathedral came into Islamic possession in 1453 when Ottoman Turks defeated the Christian Byzantine empire, also known as the Eastern Roman empire. It was finally turned into a museum in 1934 by Turkey’s founding father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, as part of his efforts to secularize the Muslim-majority country.

The Friday’s presidential decree is seen as a major symbolic act in the overturning of Turkey’s secularist legacy. Turkey underwent a process of secularization in the early part of the twentieth century under Ataturk’s rule. Erdogan has embarked on a mission to Islamize to country since he took power seventeen years ago. more here

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  1. muslims are actually a half-step ahead of their Antifag/BLM/Communist brethren

    what the progtards can’t create, they destroy
    what the musloids can’t create, they appropriate

  2. If Erdogan isn’t on a CIA hit list he should be. Ventilating his ass would save a lot of lives in the future

  3. And Pope frankie is busy telling Italians to not pray too loudly to avoid upsetting their new muzzy guests in Italy.

  4. I spent ten days in Istanbul in February 2004. I stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel near Taksim Square. I felt safe and enjoyed myself. The Turkish people seemed friendly and welcoming back then. I wouldn’t go back today. Hell, I might not even leave Texas from now on with the way things are, now.

  5. How about converting it back to the Christian church it was built as, you know, before the Islamists “converted” it to a mosque.

  6. Ataturk knew what the Sick Man of Europe had been suffering from and applied a remedy that succeeded for almost 100 years. (Oddly, the “secularist” also equated Turkish nationalism in Turkey to Islam and oversaw the bloody systematic purge of Greek, Assyrian and Armenian Christians.)

    Erdogan Pasha is a return to the glory, and inevitable failures, of the past. It is going to get very messy in the region as he attempts to retake the empire and succeed where his predecessors failed — conquering Europe. Who knows how far he or his descendents will get before the old ailments return? Let’s hope the symptoms start showing soon.

  7. Now, hey there! I paid a lot of people who said they were smart, a lot of money, to tell me, that as long as the money kept flowing, through them, that people who called me enemy, would never do anything bad. Who do I pay, to tell me they’ll fix this? If I pay more money?

  8. The Hagia Sophia was denuded of its Christian decor centuries ago.
    The upper reaches have that sick Satan-scroll writing but the main level (at least when I saw it) was possessed of many artifacts of a thoroughly non-religious nature. I have pictures somewhere, but it mostly looked as it did in “From Russia, With Love” though I saw it half a century later.

    The filthy moslems cannot make; they can only imitate.
    Everything they touch turns to shit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. More proof I was right 18.7 years ago when I said America’s 1st Muslim President lied! R.O.P.! A big lie! Muslim lies!

  10. He uses his religion as a political club to grab power.
    A nasty, cynical bastard but certainly not original.

  11. I predict we will see MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Muslims renounce Islam in the next few years. This is not a prophecy, it’s an educated guess. Textual criticism is about to take a toll on the Islamic world. *Finally.* There’s more and more infighting among Islamic apologists and the internet is really helping things along quite nicely. Christianity is spreading in these Islamic areas. There are Somalian Christians showing their faces on YouTube. The problem here is the apostate law in Islam. If there were no death penalty for apostasy (In every school of sharia, I think), there would be no Islam. Watch this stuff carefully. I don’t think Islam will go away until Jesus returns, but I do NOT buy the “Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion” line. Not for a second.


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