Turkey votes to make child rape legal for men who marry their victims

express.co.uk: In a move which has shocked world politicians, the Muslim majority country proposed exonerating paedophiles en masse.

Hardline president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government insists that the new law is designed to pardon men who did not realise they were having sex with underage girls.

But critics have reacted with open fury to the legislation, saying it officially legitimises both deliberate child rape and forced child marriages.

It comes after a shocking rise in violence against women in Turkey, which has risen by 40 per cent in the past decade.

The shocking bill, which sill surely provoke an astonished reaction from the EU, was approved on a preliminary basis yesterday after being put to parliament by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).   read more

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  1. When Ergodan first got in I wrote that Turkey would be screwed if he wasn’t removed. The slick, oily would be Caliph said all the right things to the west and they swallowed it all the while slowly raising the temperature of the pot that the Turkish people now found themselves in. The “coup” in July should have shown the people what a snake he was but instead they took to the streets in a show of solidarity and democracy. Morons. Now they’re screwed. NATO has to pitch Turkey even if it means losing Incirlik airbase and the EU needs to halt Turkeys application to join (although I tend to think those Brussels dupes won’t see it that way) the EU before it’s too late. Then raise the military support to Greece and help them out with their debt as they would become the only NATO member to be in a position to stand in front of the Turks.

  2. In unrelated news, every major Democrat donor, and every Hollywood studio executive, has just moved to Turkey.

    Say, where are the “feminists,” protesting against this? Oh, right, whining about men voicing opinions the “feminists” don’t like – especially provably correct opinions.

  3. I’ve been to Turkey, terrible place. You can get arrested for stuff you would take for granted as normal here. Other than visiting Ephesus, most of which was Bogarted for a mosque, it was a filthy, nasty place where women were property.

    I was glad to get home.

  4. @Perspective Late 80’s, big Military exercise. We were near Balikesir. We went to town for showers at a bathhouse because the local water would kill you, they put the females in the showers with holes in the wall so they could peep.

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