Turkish President Erdogan condemns sobbing little girl to ‘die a martyr’ – IOTW Report

Turkish President Erdogan condemns sobbing little girl to ‘die a martyr’


Geller Report: Barack Obama’s favorite, “most trusted” foreign leader. Think about that.

Who could have foreseen the complete inversion of little girls playing with Barbie and her dreamhouse to this holy hell?

Teaching children to die while slaughtering others is a glorified Islamic tradition. Israel has been suffering under this murderous ideology since the creation of the death cult.

Turkey’s president sparks outrage after telling crying girl she will be honoured if she is ‘martyred’ after spotting her in a military uniform.

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  1. Ergodan is jockeying to set up the next Caliphate with him as the leader. He came to power as a “moderate” and slowly destroyed the military that used to be counted on to haul the civilian governments back from socialism or islam extemists. He replaced the senior officers with his islamic buddies and set up the secret police. It’s possible likely probable the “coup” that took place was engineered by Ergodan to smoke out the remaining patriots in the military and civilian population and tighten the stranglehold on the country. The only upside is that he and Mullahs in Iran in competition and with luck will at some point go to war.

  2. And yet the Pesh keep kicking his ass. Not to mention we just killed a shit load of his Russian pals. Keep it up ass hole.

  3. HELLO!
    visit turkey and see how shity of a shithole turkey is.

    just ask the president of this shithole.

    and he says, yes, this place is a real shithole!

    and i says, poljubi moje dupe, jebaču Ciganin erdogan

  4. I have a wonderful new tradition for mohammedans; intercepting MX missiles, and sunbathing in 10,000 degree weather! :flipoff:

  5. I see this comes from the Geller Report. Today I saw an article in the NYPost about how Pamela has 3 or 4 daughters and that have real problems with the anti muslim positions that their mom takes. That’s shocking to me, and it goes to show you how difficult it can be raise and influence your kids. I hope that article was taking things out of context.

  6. When does he start threatening eurabia with opening the North African flood gates?

    A garrot would be too good.

  7. It’s always amazed me how throughout the world evil people so easily climb to the top. Maybe it’s human nature to be complacent and inattentive until its too late.

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