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Turn in Your Cat Card

This is Luxembourg, but I’m pretty sure the cat is French.

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  1. That’s a HUGE rat!! Ewwwww! I’d run, too!!

    (We have a little tuxedo guy who doesn’t weigh five pounds, who takes on all comers. Seriously, if there’s anything going on around here he’s on it! Over the course of our having him he’s brought in one of every kind of wildlife in our berg: possum, flicker, crows, tons of mice and rats. And no dog is safe on our property. The only thing he doesn’t mess with are the racoons. But they don’t mess with him, either. When he’s not after living things, he “kills” slippers, socks and leaves. He scours the neighborhood for mouthfuls of leaves. Then he sets up a howling as though he’s killed prey.)

  2. The rat stopped to take a breath. LOL.
    Maybe… They’re friends and just playing around? 😀
    Also, how is a rat that big out in daylight all casual like that?

  3. It’s not that a rat is chasing a cat away, it’s that there’s a rat in that street at all.
    I am telling you, with all the third world shithole scum that Luxembourg has imported, Black Death and tuberculosis are making a huge comeback. And a host of other deadly diseases.
    I don’t wish to be involved in any helpful way when Europe once again blows up.

  4. Pussy.

    My outdoor cat, Ninja Kitty, would leave a morsel of it’s body behind on the porch once she was done. I recently walked out one morning to find just the hips, legs, and tail of a rat waiting for me. Another day it looked like a bird exploded on my porch. She fed herself for 6 months before I knew she was abandoned.

    This cat is broken.

  5. The cat has been taught political correctness and the rat is obviously a follower of the religion of peace who is only trying to explain the “most beautiful sound in the world” to the cat.

  6. @ Ann Thracts

    Sorry. Biz I’m in isn’t pretty at times, well probably never. Sometimes I forget the only reason I’m hired is they don’t want to do or even think about some of the dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

    Some are so sensitive, they don’t even want to hear if rat bait has been eaten since my last visit.

  7. We awoke one morning to the screams of our 6 year old daughter. During the night our cat killed 5 mice and lined them up perfectly facing her bedroom door. We’re sure that the cat was giving her a gift!

  8. I was struck by how absolutely nonplussed the people were. Not even a curious glance at seeing a rat parading around the streets. That only tells me that they see a lot of them daily. Civilization is crumbling.

  9. Even my 22 year old, almost blind, ailing Zoe would have taken that rat down. She was a tough little kitty. I have a few scars (from trying to give her medicine) to show for it!

  10. the cat is NOT French. No self respecting French soldier would march with out his hands folded neatly on top of his head – to keep his head warm of curse!

  11. Certainly unusual behavior for a cat. At first, the cat crossed the street to get it, then started retreating. Maybe it sensed something wrong with rat, like rabies, or the rat was carrying bubonic plague fleas, or the rat had been rolling around in immigrant shit.

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