Turn Off Joe Biden’s Microphone More, Please

Howie Carr:
“Bleep Joe Biden! Bleep Joe Biden! Bleep Joe Biden!”

It’s become a national rallying cry, like “Remember the Alamo” or “Remember the Maine!” (As if Dementia Joe can remember the Alamo or the USS Maine … or anything else.)

“Bleep Joe Biden! Bleep Joe Biden!”

It began two weekends ago at college football games in the South. Now it’s spread. Baseball fans in New York were chanting it last weekend during the Mets-Yankee subway series. Then Monday it spread to New Yorkers walking across the Brooklyn Bridge — a crowd that seemed to include very few white supremacists, incidentally.

Then Dementia Joe visited Idaho and California, and guess what he heard.

“Bleep Joe Biden! Bleep Joe Biden!”

You know, some might describe this moment of decline and fall and national humiliation as an apocalyptic time.

Or, as Joe put it Monday in the formerly Golden State, “apopolyctic.”

All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

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  1. On the contrary. I want that metal guitar guy to put some melody to Biden’s leerics. With appropriate cowbell, of course. Maybe run some of the vocals through a dispatch mic.

    “It’s a hell of a start, it could be made into a monster, If we all pull together as a team…”


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