Turns Out Poor Little Road Rage Victim is a Menacing Road Rager Herself

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Road rage victim accused of committing road rage herself.

A Bend woman who generated global headlines as the victim in a brutal alleged road rage attack last weekend was charged Friday as the aggressor in a separate alleged road rage incident.

Megan Lea Stackhouse, 34, was charged Friday in Deschutes County Circuit Court with fourth-degree assault for allegedly punching a woman in the face after twice crashing into her on Mother’s Day.

Stackhouse is the former president of the Human Dignity Coalition in Bend. She and her fiancee, Lucinda Mann, have accused Jay Allen Barbeau, 49, of Redmond, of beating Stackhouse in the head and breaking her arm with his bare hands, and knocking Mann unconscious by throwing her to the ground.

The story was picked up by media outlets and received worldwideattention.

Stackhouse told The Bulletin earlier this week it was “one of the most horrific experiences” of her life.

Barbeau faces charges that include second-degree assault, first-degree criminal mischief and reckless driving.

But in May, Stackhouse is said to have been the one who lashed out violently and terrified another driver, according to court records. Her alleged victim in that case, Cheryl Norton, told The Bulletin on Friday she was shocked when she read Stackhouse had been a road rage victim to a man with no prior criminal history. Norton said the woman who crashed into her on Mother’s Day and punched her in the face was “imposing and very aggressive.”


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15 Comments on Turns Out Poor Little Road Rage Victim is a Menacing Road Rager Herself

  1. Former president of the Human Dignity Coalition? Does she have any dignity? Is she even human?

  2. She is a militant bull dyke on the scrap with anyone who crosses her path. She thought she could bully anyone and bend them to her will and she found out otherwise and paid the price. Now she plays the female victim card against the poor guy. What a cucking funt.

  3. The common denominator in both incidents. Obviously a very hateful, entitled rainbow person. I believe Mrs. Barbeau’s account and Ms. Norton’s.

  4. “The hulking, 245-pound man hopped out his truck and rushed toward the women’s car, shattering its rear window and left tail light with a flying fist,”

    … no doubt completely obliterating the “Well behaved women seldom make history” bumper sticker.

  5. Why in God’s name would you slam your freshly broken arm down on the hood of a truck so hard it damages the hood?

    Stupid bint doesn’t make any sense.

  6. Her mental illness obviously takes a couple of winding paths in her brain that deviate from her already deviant homosexual illness.

  7. From the first “road rage” story:

    “What would have happened if he had a gun?” she said.

    Maybe, cut-rate Rosie, you should ask “What would have happened if we had a gun?”.

  8. “What would have happened if he had a gun?”

    That’s why you don’t flip birds, lay on the horn, slam on your brakes or generally stunt around on the road. I swear, some road maniacs try to lip-read me in their rear view mirror, to see if I say “move it, dumbass!” when the light changes and they miss it because they’re looking at me.

  9. Well, sounds like she could have been the aggressor in the first incident, too. Is she trying to earn some tranny surgery cash?

  10. “An X-ray was posted on a GoFundMe page to raise money for the couple’s medical expenses and to cover the cost of missed work. By Friday, it had raised $4,000 of its $25,000 goal.”

    MJA, I suppose right now would be a bad time to ask her how she likes her Obamacare Bronze Plan.


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