Tutors claim to find gender bias in SAT questions

Campus Reform: SAT tutors reportedly believe that the college aptitude test has a gender bias because of one math question and one verbal passage on this year’s exam, but The College Board denies it, saying it has observed no gender-based differences in scores.

The New York Times reports that the contentious item in the verbal section reportedly asked students to critique a passage from an author arguing that women belong in the home. In the math portion, test-takers were exposed to a hypothetical chart displaying more boys than girls enrolled in math classes.

“I’m not saying we should put everybody in a rubber room so they couldn’t possibly be touched by controversy,” said Dr. Joshua Aronson, a psychology professor at New York University. “But why would you go out of your way to couch a percentage problem as a girls-in-math problem?”

The verbal section has a question contrasting of Catharine E. Beecher’s 1837 “Essay on Slavery and Abolitionism” along with a reply by Angelina E. Grimké. While Beecher argues that divine law mandates women be lower than men and thrive only in the domestic region, Grimké makes the case for equal gender rights.

Dr. Aronson, who has reportedly pioneered research on stereotype-driven test stress, said the reading passage, which was placed early in the test, could give female students “cognitive fatigue.”


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  1. A psych professor from NYU? Sort of says it all doesn’t it? This could find gender bias on a box of Corn Flakes.

  2. So what they’re saying is that women are inferior because they can’t handle the same test as men?


  3. The whole TEST itself is a MICROAGGRESSION!!!

    Forcing students to use a phallic device (pencil)
    to “fill-in” (we ALL know what THAT means…nudge nudge, wink wink)
    the hole (we ALL know what THAT means, too!)
    is RAPE CULTURE!!!!

  4. Well, I knew a girl (a REAL girl – female type individual) who solved Calculus problems in her head and went on to pursue a Chemical Engineering degree. She was totally female, and not ascared of anything. Don’t know what happened with her, though, we lost touch. She’d’a called that “gender-bias” stuff “Bullshit.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. “cognitive fatigue”??!!
    The only cognitive fatigue I’m getting is from attempting to understand this over educated egghead’s dissonant synaptic firings.

  6. I thought there was no difference between girls and boys any more, did I miss something? Even it out, put in a question involving a clothing sale and a coupon, the girls will ace that and the boys will be confused.

  7. And when I say that I want to move to Outer Mongolia and live the life of a hermit, in a yurt…… People ask me why? THIS…..

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