Tuvalu is rising, Al Gore hardest hit


CFP: Tuvalu, the poster child for sea level rise, is not shrinking but rather is actually growing!

Tuvalu’s prime minister has said that Tuvalu was ‘the world’s first victim of climate change,’ and that ‘the greenhouse effect and sea level rise threaten the very heart of our existence.’ 1

How wrong he was!

Over the years there have been several articles about the island of Tuvalu and the claims of sea level rise causing it to disappear, while at the same time folks were building new hotels and airports to attract tourists. 2

Doomsayer Al Gore predicted that residents would have to evacuate their homes because of rising seas.3   MORE HERE

14 Comments on Tuvalu is rising, Al Gore hardest hit

  1. Just like Obama, Gore is what used to be called a confidence man. Their success depends on the gullibility of the general public and the results are obvious.

  2. Even after people have been fleeced blind and you try and explain to them their folly they’ll tell you “he’s a great guy”. Sometimes it seems there’s no hope.

  3. OH NOES – we had 2+” of rain in Pittsburgh this week, and now the rivers are RISING! It MUST be global climate warming change!!! 🙄

  4. At some point Gore will stop selling man-made climate change and just leave the world stage with a heart-felt “So Long Suckers!” and we won’t see him again as he relaxes in one of his many mansions, broiling Panda Steaks in front of starving African children (he imports new ones everyday on his private old 747 jet) when he not shooting tied down black rino he bought from crooked african officials.

    Seriously, the guy deliberately took millions from people all over the world using jingoism, lies, distortions and his supposed image of an honest man. A bigger crook you would be hard pressed to find (maybe his mentor Bill Clinton) on this earth and one that will most likely live a long and pampered life.

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