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  1. A flaming moe replied to that tweet with the typical islamic bullshit that fails to recognize that their death cult is relatively new in comparison to the major religions of the world. Flaming moe was saying Jerusalem has been islamic since the beginning of time. Stupid flaming moe.

  2. Why would anyone in their right mind request that their ideological enemy prepare a food item for them?

    You wouldn’t, that’s why. How much jizz did you want in your cake again? I mean, come on!

    That’s why you have to call bullshit on the whole affair. These rump rangers were just looking for this poor Christian baker to bite, and bite he did.

  3. I hear the Pope isn’t happy, the only people I hear unhappy are leftists and Muslims. Hell even if it wasn’t something that is long overdue it would still make my day because of who is pissed off.

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