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Tweet of the day!

@ProgsToday tweets:
#KneepadMSM scoffs at @realDonaldTrump claim that he’ll make Mexico pay for a wall, all the while he makes #MSM pay for his campaign!

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6 Comments on Tweet of the day!

  1. Word has it the media has taken umbrage to this by releasing this statement:
    Hey wait-a-holdit!
    Get yer facts straight!
    Those aren’t just any old kneepads.
    These are buffalo leather, silk-lined, limited-edition, 23K gold-plated, signature model knee-pads!
    Oh yeah, they’re also inflatable –
    just like our egos…

  2. Well, Trump is part of the media, so he knows how to work the media system better than anybody. But how can he get a wall built by Mexico when he’s always highly leveraged and knows nothing about building any struct….um…um…working relationship with Mexico.

  3. Wall is paid for already.
    When Trump wins, all the aid that normally goes to Mexico will go towards the wall.
    The better trick will be to get the Mexicans to build it.

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