Twilight Zone Marathon


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  1. TZM love it.
    The wife bought me the whole DVD set.
    I was spending too much time watching it on New Years day.
    She missed the point.

  2. OK , why don’t you just kill me now with some more Twilight Zone humor. This is too funny, and the King County wind farm, don’t give the progfarts on the W. Side of Wash. any bright ideas.

  3. You outdid yerself on this one, Fur. You’re also making me hanker to go climb a comfy tree and read some Ray Bradbury. (Where I grew up, it would be a cozy 60 degrees now. Only problem with climbing trees in winter is that Mom could see you through the bare branches and would holler for you to come in and do some ironing.) Nice memory-bang!

  4. Girl could have woken up on the Akademik Shokalski trapped in the summer ice.

    Naah, who would believe something like that?


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