Twin Falls Politician Savages Family of Refugee Rape Victim on Facebook

Breitbart: TWIN FALLS, IDAHO — Three sources have confirmed to Breitbart News that they saw city councilman and former Mayor Greg Lanting launch an error-ridden Facebook attack on the parents of the five-year-old victim of a sexual assault by refugee boys.

In the post, which is now deleted, but which Breitbart News received as a screen capture, the councilman also made a claim about the sealed evidence in the case, even though he has no access to the sealed evidence.

Lanting’s Facebook comment claimed that;

You realize these Internet Fake news agencies can LIE all they want and can never be proven wrong. The case is sealed we will never know more than we know now. Another obvious lie is the child does not live with the father. The police and now the courts have had the video since the night of the assault. The father as far as I know it is not even involved with the child. All Caps no way he saw the video. I doubt they even talked to him. Let justice be served and let this child have a chance at a normal life without making up lies about what happened to her. The police and the courts are doing every thing according to state law!!!

Mr. Lanting’s statement is factually incorrect on several levels.

First, the victim lives and has always lived with her father, according to her parents.

Second, the victim’s father gave Breitbart News a detailed account of seeing 30 seconds of the video. We posted his account with a lengthy quote. Also, his statement was confirmed by a law enforcement source.

Third, witnesses saw the father speaking to law enforcement the night of the assault and also saw him watch the video.

The victim’s mother tells Breitbart News that after she confronted Lanting about his factual inaccuracies, Lanting deleted the post.


23 Comments on Twin Falls Politician Savages Family of Refugee Rape Victim on Facebook

  1. I would like to take some 60 grit to that chrome dome.
    Then an old fashioned Dutch rub with a knuckle duster.

  2. Just read on Pam Gellar’s site that another Muslim “refugee” in this same town was arrested for sexually assaulting a mentally retarded woman. Wonder what this bald piece of shit has to say about her family. Just waiting til citizens of the town start shooting,

  3. I’ll bet anything Lanting has invested in low-income housing in Twin Falls and his income depends on renting to the muzzies. I was at an outdoor auction the other day and was involved in a conversation with our ex-county commissioner (who also invests in rentals). He was a confessed “proud” democrat that tried to defend Obama’s immigration policy. He was totally unable to defend his position as I was publicly humiliating him with the facts in front of others who were in earshot. He kept trying to walk away from me but I followed him like a rabid pit bull. He finally admitted he was willing to let the muslims take over. Can you frickin’ believe it? And this guy is a MORMON!! Liberalism has completely destroyed his mind.

  4. “He finally admitted he was willing to let the muslims take over. Can you frickin’ believe it? And this guy is a MORMON!! ”

    Yeah, I can believe it with no problem.

    “The secret of iniquity doth already work.” 2 Thessalonians 2:7

    If it was already at work 2,000 years ago, think how much further advanced it must be today.

  5. And as shared yesterday, Satan’s most effective ministers do their best work where they’re least expected. That’s in the realm of religion; specifically, Christendom.

  6. May karma strike him in the butt and allow him to have first hand experience of the peaceful criminals he defends.

    As Dispicable as Hillary’s laughing when she defended a child rapist.

  7. May his sphincter serve as a worthy substitute should his muzzie friends’ goat have a headache tonight, the shitwad.

  8. @Jethro – that video link you posted was extremely informative of what we are seeing playing out today in our society. Excellent find!

    Not trying to steal your thunder, but while watching the fist part (of 3) that you linked to, I ran across the entire video in one piece (about 23 minutes in length).

    Thanks for posting it – everyone needs to watch it in my opinion. I never realized that all of the “gender equality” crap and “gay rights” and “sexual promiscuity / anarchy” and all the rest of what we’re seeing has been formulated and orchestrated by subversive marxist scum like Obama and his ilk over a period of decades with the conscious intent of destroying American / Western society.

  9. This is the kind of dhimmi whores for islam that are handing the country over to the enemy — for a few pieces of silver.

  10. Those wondering what happened need to understand that Twin Falls politicians are in the pocket of the Muslim owner of Chobani Yogurt. Follow the money.

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