Twin Illegal Aliens Charged With Rape Of 10 Yr Old Girl, Third Brother Still On The Lam


TheLid: The young girl tried to lock herself in a bedroom to escape the three men, but they broke into the room and raped her. The incident took place on September 9 when the three men were left alone with the girl in a Kenner, Louisana home. more

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  1. Dig a grave. Lead this scum to the edge of said grave. Put a bullet in their heads and let them fall into the grave. Cover said grave with dirt and leave no markers for them. That’s how these crimes against innocent children stop. Eventually, the “human beings” that would readily commit such atrocities are culled out of the population, and those that might do it are forewarned of the consequences for such depravity.

    The Bible tells us as much for even less of a reason, such as where the victim is a child who is not “betrothed” to anyone because they are too young – even a woman old enough to be “betrothed” to someone is not allowed to be sexually assaulted against their will by thugs under Biblical law.

    Deuteronomy 22:25
    But if a man find a betrothed damsel in the field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die.

    The lack of acknowledging, condemning and properly punishing these immoral crimes is why they still occur.

  2. Grab jump cables, attach them to their privates, take the other end of the cables and attach to the highest voltage possible.

    Turn em on and let the victims watch if they want to (could always record it for later viewing if the victims don’t want to at the time- they probably will later on)

  3. It’s a cultural thing that the “white privileged” just can’t get.
    Why should those aspiring Rocket Sturgeons be judged by a racist system that is beyond their imagination?

    See, they once had wings and built the Pyramids of Egypt … uhh … no … that was the negroes …

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. …torture murder one twin while the other one is bound and forced to watch.

    Do it slow. Control bleeding. Revive if he passes out. Dislocate joints so they don’t have to be tied, but still can’t move. If time and circumstance permit, the old custom of “breaking on a wheel,” has charms, in that you crush arms and legs to powder-filled skin sacks, then use their own skin to tie them to a literal wheel, then leave them out for the sun and the crows to finish. Not recommend in suburban communites.

  5. “Diversity is our strength.” It helps elect Dementiacrats. Put an end to Dementiacrat Diversity on November 3, 2020.

  6. Send them to work on the Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, or Biden Family homes . Their assistance in sharing “open immigration policy” with the children of these politicians (grandchildren of course) may enlighten said politicians back to the real world that actions and elections have consequences.

    Or else send them to the nastiest prison possible after tattooing “child molester” to their foreheads.🤣

  7. Blind em.
    Remove their penixes (leave the balls).
    Remove their thumbs.
    Cut their Achilles’ tendons.
    Remove their teeth.
    Set up a fag brothel with them as the main attractions.
    Make a road show.

    Geez, have some fun with it – everybody gets what he deserves – eventually.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Pres. Trump’s team needs to make an ad touting the wall and immigration policies using these dirtbags.

    They won’t last more than a week in prison.
    That’s some consolation.

  9. Tim
    SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 AT 8:20 AM

    “Geez, have some fun with it – everybody gets what he deserves – eventually.”

    …well,maybe like THIS guy did…

    “And Adonibezek said, Threescore and ten kings, having their thumbs and their great toes cut off, gathered their meat under my table: as I have done, so God hath requited me. And they brought him to Jerusalem, and there he died.”
    Judges 1:7

    …not a fan of blinding them,though. I want them to SEE what’s going on as they are stripped of their genitals, and mocked by seeing their own twin raped with their former organ so they can anticipate receiving the same themselves, you know, sort of a “Coming Attractions” thing…

    …besides, it reduces YOUR workload if you don’t have to describe WHY thier twin made that gurgling screech, now, doesn’t it?

    Plus, he may not get a good word picture if his English or your Spanish is not up to the task.

    More fun if you can, say, cut through layers of flesh and fat, muscle and mesentery to free their intestines for sudden display, like joke snakes out of a can, and yank on them with your hand visibly inserted in their belly to the wrist, which is said to be EXTREMELY painful and produce a sensation like “burning matches” in the belly.

    …you can even poke a hole in it and squeeze some shit out for their enjoyment, maybe smear it on wounds to fester them, too…

    …pro tip: as long as you stay BELOW the diaphragm and exercise reasonable bleeding control, you can pull just about anything out and show it to them, belly flesh parts REAL easy, and even vascular organs like kidneys can be clamped off so you can force feed them to his brother, just sayin’…

  10. Uuummmmm… sometimes you guys scare me.. I agree child rapists should be dealt with in the harshest possible way….. but I guess that I lack imagination.

  11. Put the mother of this child in prison, too. She knew what she invited into her home. They had already taken it in turns to rape a 15 year old daughter of hers.

  12. Crackerybaby SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 AT 9:20 AM
    “Uuummmmm… sometimes you guys scare me..”

    …apologies, but the idea is that if these things actually HAPPENED, perhaps they’d scare the MOLESTERS.

    Or at least inflict a tiny part of the hell they give children before they die screaming, only to go to the Throne of the Lord for the Judgement that will leave them screaming for all ETERNITY…


    …I don’t know everyone’s story, everyone’s contact with this subject, how much is just healthy human revulsion and how much is experience, but I can tell you that anyone who’s had to deal with child molestors or their victims on any level will NOT believe there is anything salvagable about the molester, or that there is ANY bad that can happen to them that even comes CLOSE to the bad they inflicted on the most helpless among us. It would in many cases be kinder if the child molseter killed his victim instead, instead of sentencing him/her to a lifetime of hell that destroys whole families and sometimes makes the child an abuser themselves when they grow older. It’s not just the physical, its the domination, it’s how utterly helpless this makes the victim, that they are unable to protect even their most intimate selves, and that their parents and elders were either not there for them or – worse – ARE the abusers.

    Then you get into betrayal of trust issues that ALSO scar a child for life, maybe even making them incapable of having normal relations with ANYONE. Suicide is not uncommon, either, nor is self-mutilation, or even a descent into perversion because they have ALREADY had the worst abuse happen to them, they have NO self-worth, so they may sell themselves for what they get or turn to increasingly bizzare relationships and practices to try to find some relief, some human connection, some way to end the mental devistation they recieved at the hands of the rapist…and there’s nothing anyone but the Lord can do to truly help them, other than be supportive and understanding, because they will turn on their nearest and dearest even if they AREN’T the rapist out of anger that they let it happen, guilt that they may have somehow CAUSED it to happen (very, VERY common among rape patients, even adult ones), or a desire to just not deal with it so they push anyone away who has knowledge of it so they won’t ever have to think about it again.

    Except they WILL have to think about it again.

    Because they can’t push THEMSELVES away.

    It’s there, and always WILL be, every time they shut their eyes.

    And the rapist…

    Also, there can be severe and profound physical damage from it too, depending on the age of the child involved and the damage the rapist does ancillary to the actual rape, either to gain submission or for his own twisted pleasure. Rape is about dominance, both physical and mental, and sex is just part of it, so once the rapist has a weak, small human under his control, he WILL do whatever his poor impulse control and the demon riding behind his eyes SAYS to do, and it is NOT pleasant. Also, depending again on the relative size of the assaulter vs. the assaultee, there can be severe gential damage, vaginal bleeding, tearing like you would expect to see from childbirth, and other internal damage up to and including eversion, because some rapist like to rape infants as well. The damage and disease may not end there if the rapist chooses to use objects, and some girls may never be able to bear children even if they survive the incident mentally well enough to try.

    And that’s WITHOUT getting into anal rape of both females and males, forced oral copulation, and the entire panoply of what these grotesque subhumans may choose to inflict out of whatever brimstone satan poured into their minds.

    Rape is one of the few crimes that can be happeing to someone ELSE that YOU may use deadly force legally to stop, it’s so bad even liberals haven’t been able to deny that.


    Please understand too that the child rapist is a recidivist.

    Always. 100%.

    They WILL do it again.

    And they won’t even LIE about it in many cases. They may tell the police officer, health care providers, even the judge in open court that they WILL do it again, and statistics bear that out.

    The child molester WILL rape until Death stops him.

    Which is why Death must stop him.

    You can argue the cause, the psychology, the whywhywhy of it all, my personal opinion is that they’ve kicked over the traces of humanity so thouroughly that there’s no way back for them and God has turned them over to a reprobate mind (see Romans 1 for a fuller explanation of that), but whatever, doesn’t matter.

    All that matters is they WILL do it again.

    And that Death is all that stops them.

    And they must be stopped at all costs.

    You can argue too if the Lord would have you kill a molester. Well, he certainly was OK with it in the Old Testament, as shown by another poster above, and a lot of other things you can find in Deutronomy and Leviticus, as well as Jesus on putting a millstone on the necks of any who would harm a child. Still, “Vengence is mine”, sayeth the Lord, so should we leave it to Him?

    …well, only if we’re OK with more child rapes, as I see it. Because He doen’t collect up his reprobate minds very QUICKLY. And it’s not like WE’RE judging them, we’re merely sending them to HIM for quick judgement.

    But you may still go to hell for it anyway, you’d have to ask a pastor, which I am not, or ask the Holy Spirit, which I do not even want to bring up such things around such a gentle, wonderful manifestation of the Lord.

    So it ends up on your own concious.

    Anyway, I am not by nature a violent man. My temperment and training has been that of a healer. I have fixed things and people all my life and striven only to bring order to chaos. I do not even like to kill spiders.

    But, given what I saw and what I’ve heard when involved in transporting both abused children and the abusers after the cops have lumped them up a bit, they are not going to get any slack from ME, if it comes within my power.

    I will send them to hell as painfully as possible if given the chance.

    Even if I have to join them there.

    We can just fight about it in hell for all I care.

    Because SOME things just can NOT be accepted.


  13. Most of my ideas came from the “middle ages.”

    When Henry VI (Germany) conquered Sicily he promised he wouldn’t kill young William III upon surrender. And he didn’t. Blinded, castrated, and hobbled (cut his Achilles’ tendons) him, though.

    Oh! William III wasn’t a criminal! Just an inconvenience.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. If anyone is interested in this subject, there is an incredible Museum of Torture in Santillana del Mar in northern Spain. One of the best in all of Europe. Not for the squeamish though. Very few females finish the tour.

  15. Why not just keep it simple? Do what Bubba’s Brother said but make them dig their own graves. They’re not going to learn anything anyway, especially after they’re dead. People don’t torture rabid dogs – they just put them down.


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