Does anyone else besides me see a separated-at-birth resemblance between the demon nun in “The Nun” and Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer?

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  1. I’m having nun of that, that demonic nun is a hideously ugly creature. And so is Ms. Ford’s lawyer. Yikes, run away they’re both the stuff of nightmares. They both should be in that painting called The Scream by Edvard Munch of Norway.

  2. Neither holds a candle to Sister ‘Old School’ Edwardine to me. We are talking she went through Poland and Germany during WWII. F’ that tap your knuckles with a ruler BS. This was one no nonsense Sister! She’d pound your back with her fists for misspelling 2 words in a 500 word essay. Had her in a tag team with Sister Clarissa. Christ, those 2 could F’ up the Undertaker and add (your favorite) fidget team here. Bless them both, sincerely. Taught me being a democrat that hell is only a place on Earth.


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