Twitter Ends The Krassenstein Brothers’ Career

Did Twitter finally get one right?


The tragic saga of Brothers Ed and Brian Krassenstein may have finally come to a close. Having tried and failed at Ponzi schemes in 2003, tried and failed at (possible) Obama FBI collusion in 2016, and tried and failed at convincing anyone they’re not an even weirder, twincestual version of Ace and Gary for the duration of the Donald Trump presidency – the Krassenstein brothers finally caught a front-holefull of karma when Twitter (of all corporations) yanked their blue check marks and permanently banned them from the platform.


*Language warning

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  1. Change of subject: Do any of you believe that Chris Wallace of FOX News should be President of the United States?
    MJA I apologize.

  2. The cocksucker Wallace is still interviewing Swallowell about collusion and obstruction. What a fucking asshole!

  3. Another change of subject. The hell is the deal with the NL West? The whole season thus far is about as pointless as the ending of G.O.T.

  4. I have to admit to the complete unawareness of the brothers Twatstein. I don’t think I missed a thing.

  5. Moe Tom, consider yourself lucky. That’s a 10am show where I live. I’ve been pissed off since then.

  6. No they didn’t.

    Those assholes are already back on twitter with a new twitter approved crew of bots.

    We all fucking know it. ‘banning’ them is twitters fake ass non bias attempt before they get regulated.

    Nail twitter to the wall for their bias.

    Don’t believe they are fixing or cleaning up their own site themselves. it’s bullshit.

  7. Moe Tom,

    Could you not sugar coat your feelings about Mr. Wallace & Swallowell and tell us what you really think of them?

  8. The common theme is Twitter only ills the accounts of people who make the Dems look stupid. The brothers’ efforts, while unintentional, were spectacularly successful.

  9. Monkey, that’s why we’re talking about Chris Wallace and such. There’s a lot of us non-tweeters here. But let us acknowledge the Twitter-passing of the Krassensteins (WTA), sacrificed in the name of Twitter fAiRnEsS.


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