Twitter Files Supplemental [How Jim Baker Got Fired] – IOTW Report

Twitter Files Supplemental [How Jim Baker Got Fired]

Read the latest on that on Matt Taibbi’s Twitter account.

10 Comments on Twitter Files Supplemental [How Jim Baker Got Fired]

  1. It’s really hard for me to keep reading about this outrageous shit without getting depressed.
    So beyond the pale.
    I thought we had a legit country, albeit with the DC swamp.
    I was so fucking naive.

    The majority of the USA has no fucking idea how bad this shit is for our country.
    Used to be you would hear “worse than Watergate.”
    Watergate is but a tiny speck compared to this enormous criminality by the FBI, DOJ, CIA, biden* admin, etc.


  2. Watching Tucker right now and Walker just took the lead over Warnock.
    Just a tease of course.
    The GA dems just need to know how many votes they have to add around midnight.

  3. What is happening is that the Republican establishment, particularly the Bush cabal, are not being given recognition for the roll they played in scuttling the Trump Administration’s agenda, but also the roll they played in the theft of the 2020 Presidential election. They were every bit as involved as the Democrats in the planning and execution of everything that went down.

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