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Twitter Game For Insomniacs

They’re playing change a movie into something a Foodie would enjoy. (FYI, I hate the word “foodie.” It’s gay. I also do not like the acronym FYI.)

Here are mine.

12 Monkey Breads

Fight Club Sandwich

Vampire: The Buffet Slayer

How Stella Got Her George Forman Grill Back

Murder on the Panda Express



58 Comments on Twitter Game For Insomniacs

  1. I think FUR (HAL) has the munchies.

    Great Meatballs Of Fire.

    Good Night.

    (unless I think of something clever in the nest 5 minutes)

  2. OH, FYI at my place of biz stands for “Fuck You Idiot”. It’s a big laugh anytime somebody get’s an email with FYI in the title.

  3. M*A*S*H*E*D

    The Dirty Dozen of Hard Boiled Eggs

    Major League Appetite

    Looking For Decent Salad Bar

  4. The Good, The Bad, and The Herb Roasted Chicken

    For a Few Burgers more

    A Fistful of Burgers

    Two Mousse for Sister Sarah

    High Plains Gyros

    Gran Tournedos

    Dirty Harry Pasta Fongu

  5. One Pale Slider
    Tom Mixto
    Thai Papi
    Who’s That Grill?
    Edamame’s at the Gate
    The Nut Book
    Sound of Music Beanery
    Grillmasters of the Universe
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding Cakes

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