For those trying to contact me via TWITTER – Twitter has locked my account.


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22 Comments on TWITTER has LOCKED OUT @Mr_Pinko

  1. I just created a StreetLoc account but couldn’t find you, Mr. P. or Nordstrom. When Twitter locks your account does that mean you can’t send/receive Twitter messages, either?

  2. Ridiculous. The only reason it’s disallowed is because it’s true. The truth can’t be known. Impressionable minds can’t deviate, otherwise the commies don’t win.

    Put DJT inplace of Biden and watch it not pulled down – because it’s not true, only widely believed by simpletons.

  3. Well, see, uhh, … ,…. y’know, the toiletette paper flaps over the TOP instead of the right way, …….. uhh …. y’know … down the backside ………..

    so thy noes ists a fogerty ….

  4. This type of non-loyal pokery-funnery in NOT allowed by your Leftist Overlords. Unless directed at the current President.

  5. I’ve been locked out and shadow blocked on 3 separate accounts. It generally happens when I attack likes of Bernie, Hillary or AOC. Twitter is a cesspool!
    Thank God I’ve still got a home at iOTWREPORT!

  6. Mr P,
    It means that you’re “directly over target”.
    Wear your banishment as a badge of honor.

  7. Mr. Pinko sounds gay so thats not why you were banned.😉 i did like the photo though.keep up the good work.

  8. Join the club. I was banned for a year. I could get back on it again, but no thanks. IOTW works for me.

  9. actor james woods twitter locked down again for quoting Shakespeare , my main twitter locked down since last Friday , using my back up feed ,reason copyright from a retweet !! looks like I`ll have to stop supporting Brexit and trump !


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