Twitter Refused to Take Down Child Abuse Content and Profited Off It

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Lisa Haba, a partner of Haba Law Firm based in Florida, told The Epoch Times that Twitter refused to take down sexual exploitation videos of her client even after her client showed Twitter the proof that he’s a minor, and that Twitter β€œcertainly was profiting off the exploitation of [her client].”

The Haba Law Firm, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center, and the Matiasic Firm jointly filed a federal lawsuit against Twitter on Jan. 20, 2021. read more

11 Comments on Twitter Refused to Take Down Child Abuse Content and Profited Off It

  1. Twitter profits from the sexual exploitation of underage children?!?
    Does Jack Dorsey looks like that kinda guy?

  2. If there was anything illegal for underage actors in those videos, I imagine there are all sorts of child pornography laws that could be used against them, the same way they can be used against porn sites and such that, even unknowingly, have underage child porn posted on them.

  3. What do you expect from these corrupt psychos?

    Just shun twitter and everything on it, and deprive it of 1/2 its market and influence.

  4. Of course they profited- how many rich pedophiles do ya think ‘endorse’ Twitter? Gotta keep the pictures flowing to keep the cash flowing and what better way then an anonymous Twitter account protected by the app itself?

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