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Twitter Removing Accounts Of Child Sexual Predators En Mass

Daily Wire

Following his initial analysis last September, [Ghost Data Founder Andrea] Stroppa and Twitter’s Trust and Safety team said the social media platform had updated a mechanism to detect past and present content related to CSAM [child sexual abuse material] at a much “faster, more efficient, and more aggressive” speed, which has approximately doubled the daily suspension rate of accounts promoting the egregious material.

“No mercy for those who are involved in these illegal activities,” Stroppa said, adding Twitter will find such “illicit” content and act accordingly despite when it had been published. More

7 Comments on Twitter Removing Accounts Of Child Sexual Predators En Mass

  1. This is a big part of what The Party was pissed off about with Donald Trump.

  2. would do it a different way, but good for him anyway.
    he must know who they are, so he should just give each of them a free red checkmark. Substitute a minus sign for the checkmark. Then provide a filter for others to screen out the red checkmark posters. And let them post.
    It would be a win-win situation. He wouldn’t need to boot anyone, and everyone would know who they are. If they don’t like it, they can leave. If they post inappropriate age-related material, suspend them. If he boots them, they’ll sue him. They would sue him for the red minusmark too, but they’d also leave.

  3. ** OFF TOPIC**
    It’s December 5th.
    Drink up America!
    On this day in 1933, our long 13 year nightmare has come to an end.
    Prohibition has been ended by the ratifying of the 21st Amendment.

    *As if I need another excuse…

  4. Well that does it – Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates are now officially cancelling their Twitter accounts.

  5. Holy Moly Loco – I just took my first sip of the Sapphire when I read yer post!
    Drink up Shriners!

  6. LBS,

    I’ll do my part with some Bourbon AFTER my workout & during the Tamps Brady’s Game tonight.

  7. msNBC is in meltdown over cancelled and interupted Drag Shows and Kiddy Spaces. I do mean meltdown. You should snatch a copy a All In metro and Rachels mad ranting broadcasts from tonight December 5th of 2022.

    These msNBC Fountains of Evil said armed nazi right wing terrorists were barricading Drag Show Halls.

    The only Drag Show Halls these eyes saw on TV was a guy named Alex showing armed antifa black cladders protecting the Drag Show Kiddy Halls. No KKK at all, except for the rainbowKKrs.

    In other words, msNBC is reporting exactly the opposite of the Truth. Sophistory.

    msNBC is pure 30 Rock Evil, Live.

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