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Twitter Senior Engineer Says His Colleagues Are Communists

I love how he describes their version of communism – come and go as you please, work when you like to and not worry about turning profits.

That’s not communism.

That’s Millennialism.

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  1. I think Elon is gonna submit to the 1 billion restocking fee and move on…

    Just my 2 cents.


  2. I don’t think Musk ever intended on buying them. I think his objective all along was to destroy them. Dang this guys fun to watch.

  3. old Soviet Union (USSR) joke

    a Soviet Worker* was explaining to a Western reporter about their ‘fair, livable’ wages by stating that, “They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work”

    * ‘Worker’ is a phrase coined by the Communists to describe the ‘proletariat’ that slogged off to work in the factories. today, the Great Reset™️ ‘journalists’ now call us that. before, it was ’employees’, which connotates a person that had a choice in where they would be employed … now, they’re always described as workers

  4. My wife grew up in the Soviet Union. She gave me insight about what it was like to live there back then. The one thing she made clear is that nobody was allowed to sit on their ass while the government took care of them. If you didn’t work, you were sent to a labor camp. If you didn’t work there, you didn’t live very long because the next step was too horrible to think about, meaning a mental hospital. The whole tenet of communism is, “To each according to his need, from each according to his ability.” (That’s slavery in a nutshell) If you didn’t contribute what you could, you got nothing.

  5. Spoke with a friend who works for a local game company-one of the 20 video game companies called out in the WAPost article for not doing enough to pay for abortions etc…

    This company has an in-house forum that is nothing more than its own Twitter-railing against the man (it was Trump now it’s Elon), Ukraine, abortion or whatever woke of the moment it is. Everyone has a pronoun or is trans. There are AntiFa as well. All millennials with wacky hair colors.

    My poor friend is a good kid (okay, he’s in his 40’s now) and SO thankful he gets to work from home. In the office he can’t escape the stupid. His two closest friends have left the state for ID and MT.

    Being a righty in high tech is a minefield to navigate if you love your job and have bills to pay.

  6. I had (past tense) a conservative friend who, unfortunately for him, works in a tech environment in Madison Wisconsin, (Central Coast of Leftism). After a couple decades they finally turned him left. I don’t recognize him anymore. It’s not just a mental disorder, it’s a cancer.

  7. When children have no responsible adult guidance, this is how they turn out.

    We may not have known so many details, but we knew it was like this already.

    I’ve always wanted to see the button pushers. I imagined blue and pink haired cry-bullies. Never considered it was foreigners like this guy. Totally makes sense, and if Elon does buy it, losers like this guy will weed themselves out. That’s no way to run a business.

    When losers become influential, it’s a threat to civilization.

    “I don’t know the two parties can truly coexist on one platform.”

    Of course they can. The left needs their bubbles busted for true mental health. The way they isolate themselves from reality is the reason they get so crazy. They can always leave, but lefty heads exploding would be much more entertaining.

  8. I have some new to those who are surprised by this. Most of the tech industry is like this. Full of young, entitled, perpetually outraged, one dimensional progressives who are close communists.

  9. Sounds like a high schooler’s idea of communism.
    Real communism would have them chained to their desks with scheduled bathroom breaks and not enough money to be eating at restaurants.

  10. Destroy them, you funny guy but will never happen. Elon losing 1 billion dollars is really shoeing em’ says Ed Sullivan. Looks like all you have left is the non-platform that nobody uses. And still banned, forever.

  11. Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro has a fucking active Twitter account.

    ’nuff said. Fuck Twitter, now and forever.

  12. If he is working for pay , if he is concerned for his job , if he is concerned about his own self interest, he is not a communist. He is a capitalist like everyone else who has ever lived.

  13. They made gods of themselves and Elon Musk has exposed them to the world for the smug arrogant narcissists they are.

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