Twitter Suspends Conservative Treehouse Account

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  1. Until Twitter starts losing revenue (users) this will just keep happening. I’m a proud non user since forever!

  2. AFter the re-election, Trump will hopefully dump twatter and start “Trumpster”. Then I would gladly get an account. I am also waiting for Trump News Network, and Trumpmail.

  3. The posting leading to Sundance’s Twitter ban discussed Pelosi pulling the rug out from under the emergency relief deal hashed out the weekend before. In the article on CTH, Sundance wrote, basically, that if Covid 19 was that deadly awful, Pelosi would not have delayed the bill’s passage. Sundance has followed with several other articles questioning the virus fear-porn we are inundated with,

  4. I have seen in several places that various networks are going to stop carrying Trump’s talks about COVID-19 because of Trump’s misinformation.

    Would it be asking too much to ask just who has established Trump is spreading information?

  5. Good lord, I’d hate to think conspiracy theories were spreading via twitter. I mean, how else would we’ve known the truth about Trump/Russia collusion????

  6. I would be SHOCKED if the POTUS does not already know about this very situation and something will happen…

    He MUST know about The Treehouse! No one examines issues, specifically the Swamp, like Sundance and Co.

  7. Twitter recently closed my account. Their email claimed the suspension was “PERMANENT”.



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