Twitter Suspends Trump Jr.’s Account

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  1. Is someone at Twitter practicing medicine without a license? Well, I guess that would be for legal system to decide.

  2. Twitter isn’t known standing up for “truth, justice, and the American way”.

    At least if I understand Twitter right from what I’ve read about it, I don’t use it and it has no personal appeal to me.

  3. I think with that the doctors’ speaking at the capital yesterday is going to break it. The truth that these front-line doctors told, of using HCQ and associated medications works nearly 100% can’t be disregarded by the ‘but there are no clinical trials’ Faucis.
    Twitter is conspiring to literally kill more people through its suppression of this message, with the goal of extending the shutdown.

  4. It isn’t just Twitter. The full court press of censorship is on across the board.

    Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference

    And now, let’s push more things to blame Trump with:

    I’m thinking MUCH larger caliber weapons are going to be needed.

  5. Where are the white hat hackers who could shut Twitter down in a heartbeat whenever they censor opinions and facts that go against the grain of their leftist/progressive ideas? If Twitter was taken down for a few days then GAB could get the jump start it needs as well as serving a warning to Facebook, Instagram, Google, MS and any of the others actively working against free speech and Democracy in general.

  6. Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter claim the post were blocked because it’s misleading, and false medical advice.

    Yeah, sure. How would they know? Do they fund a group of smarter researchers than anyone else has access to? Or knows about. I don’t think so. It’s a political choice, not medical based on what’s the best strategy for public health. .

  7. If they treat the President and his family this way, you can already guess how they treat Mister or Miss Conservative Nobody.


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