Twitter Users Correct NBC’s Host Lester Holt’ On Police Shooting

Daily Caller – A tweet from “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” had to be corrected by Twitter users Saturday evening after leaving out an important note about the death of Hakim Littleton.

Littleton was shot by police officers Friday in Detroit, Michigan and died. The NBC show tweeted that “Detroit protesters demand justice after Hakim Littleton was killed by police,” but excluded the note that Littleton was shot after he appeared to take out a weapon and shoot at an officer, according to video footage of the incident.

“*WARNING VIDEO of suspect who opened fire on police,” one Twitter user responded with a YouTube link showing footage of the apparent attack.  MORE

8 Comments on Twitter Users Correct NBC’s Host Lester Holt’ On Police Shooting

  1. That is EXACTLY why the readers comments sections below articles in the online paper and news sites have disappeared. Is it a coincidence they disappeared them like they were possessed in the months leading up to the COVID scam and the mostly peaceful riots? Of course not, that was a rhetorical question.

  2. @JD

    Peaceful Riots. Now that’s a humdinger of a contradiction of terms. But, yes, that’s how it gets spun by the guttersnipe media.

    You nailed it.

  3. love the multi-colored turd … reminds me of the time when the dog ate a box of crayons

    looked kinda artistic …. but still smelled like dog crap

  4. Hmmm. This would be a cool trend. Instead of it being Fox News or some other media “experts” debunking the Leftist media, ordinary people take to social media every time one of the talking heads tells a lie.


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