Two Americas

Bill Whittle draws a distinction between red and blue, the past and the future, hope and rage and ultimately, winners and losers. It explains the world view, motivations, and behaviors of each side in this country. The contrast couldn’t be clearer.

My comment on the video “If there’s one video that I would want all graduates (high school and college) to watch for their commencement this year, it would be this one.” Watch

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  1. I am old school, I DESPISE what our children are being, (and have been), ‘taught’ in ‘school’.

    They are neither being taught nor are they being ‘schooled’. Certainly NOTHING like WE, as ‘old school’ Americans are used to.

    INDOCTRINATION is the key word. The force of liberalism/communism/ marxism/ you name it, has been leeching into our American way of life, by way of the MSM, education and socialistic bullshit. There is no end to the obscene, unwanted penetration of their hate and control. NO ONE is safe from their steam-rolling agenda.

    I have ALWAYS, (and still do), put the greatest blame on the MSM PERIOD!

    I am MORE than primed to ELIMINATE the biggest problem that faces America.

  2. I have posted here many times that progressives are filthy and disgusting. That is a manifestation of them also being gratuitously destructive. The man speaks the truth. I live among them for five decades and I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes.

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  4. We have two countries. Best to spilt them up and go away friends.

    The likes of us will be happy, and so will the people we will leave behind. But…they’ll soon destroy themselves, turning their new nation into a democrat shithole. But we’ll be great!

  5. jellybean,

    Love your “technique!” Here’s one I highly recommend:

    It’s 85° in noon day sun and you’re standing on a warm boulder next to a Cascade lake at 7000′ altitude on the 4th of July. There’s still snow fields in places around the lake. You’ve just hiked up 6,000 vertical feet on a 10 mile trail. You’re hot, sweaty, tired and the lake is a crystal clear, cobalt blue color… and so inviting!

    What do you do?

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  6. From an Amherst University article:
    “Jacksonian America is a folk community with a strong sense of common values and common destiny; though periodically led by intellectually brilliant men–like Andrew Jackson himself–it is neither an ideology nor a self-conscious movement with a clear historical direction or political table of organization.”
    Jacksonian America is a folk community with a strong sense of common values and common destiny; though periodically led by intellectually brilliant men–like Andrew Jackson himself–it is neither an ideology nor a self-conscious movement with a clear historical direction or political table of organization.”
    When an enemy is stupid enough to finally get the Jacksonians attention (see WWII) as a real threat there is hell to pay for that enemy. They will fight without rules or caution to completely destroy that threat.
    Is the Left ready to awaken the “sleeping giant” and suffer the terrible consequences?

  7. Progressivism is the politics of envy. There is nothing so destructive as to be consumed by envy. If it were not for their malicious treatment of others I might be able to find a grain of sympathy for them. Pity is the best I have to offer. I really don’t GAS what took them down that path. They deserve their misery and will someday be called to atone for what they have made a conscious choice to do to others. I pity the bastards. They have made the environment around them into a personal hell on earth.

    Never concede “good intentions” to progressives, it is NEVER justified…. a person consumed by envy is incapable of good intent. Any time they are projecting good intentions it is subterfuge. It is a trap.

  8. Jimmy, swimming in Wallowa lake in NE Oregon will do that that to you in July even when it’s 100 degrees outside. Since Wallowa Lake is a glacier fed lake it is always about 50 to maybe 60 degrees or so and it is colder than hell but extremely refreshing even after you jump in and almost immediately come out of it. It will definitely cool you off on on a hot day. It’s also one of my favorite remote out of the way places to go in this part of the country. Fortunately I had relatives who lived in the Wallowa valley so we went there often when I was growing up.

  9. Two Americans now definitely exist, a civil war will erupt after PDJT wins his second term and the Satanists will lose to the patriots.

    There was a Nazi based 16 year plan begun by the Jug Eared Jesus and to be completed by the Lizard Queen. She lost and now the tables are turning as the patriots attempt to undo the evil The Kenypan queer unleashed on America.

    The global cabal sees it slipping away now that their weaponized CIA and DOJ plans have failed to impeach. They then executed the bio weapon paid for by Soros and Gates, that failed so they are on to civil unrest and Antifa (Demonrat Brown Shirts) to enact their return to power.

    We are living in the last days of America, we have a chance to postpone the end for a few generations but the bible tells us Satan will eventually gain control of America and Christians will be hunted.

    Fight now for your children and grandchildren. We will win this time, keep the faith.

  10. Well said – – concise and hierarchical. Whittle is no doubt a student of Ayn Rand who long ago identified the main dichotomy as individualists vs. collectivists.

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