Two Black Conservative Women Speak Out about the Democratic Party

American Thinker-

By Elise Cooper.

Two conservative black American women speak out about their feelings and why the Democrats are not the party for them.  Throughout the country, impoverished black neighborhoods have been controlled by Democratic politicians.  Education school boards; Democrats; mayors: Democrats; district attorneys: Democrats; police chiefs: Democrats; governors: Democrats; congressional districts: Democrats; and senators: Democrats.

Stacy Washington, a conservative black radio host (, is dumbfounded that Biden and many Democrats say nothing but are never questioned about solutions.  “At the Breakfast Club he uttered the words ‘you ain’t black’ if they did not vote for him.  He essentially claimed ownership of the black vote just because he is a Democrat.  Today, black Americans want to know why they should vote for him.  He criticizes President Trump but never provides viable alternatives of what he would do.  Democrats feel they own the black vote.”

Kathy Barnette is the author of the book Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain and is the Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s 4th District.  She echoes the same sentiment as Stacy.  “In my book, I wrote how I was like most black people, born into the Democratic Party.  It was never a point of conversation, deliberation, or discussion.  Time and again, I voted Democratic.  I don’t remember ever having a thought not to vote that way even though I studied the issues and candidates.  But I woke up after growing up in a desperate economic situation.  I had a front-row seat on the failed liberal policies that left us exploited and devastated.”

What has become important to Kathy is her life experiences.  At the age of eighteen, she joined the military, becoming a part of the CID (criminal investigation detachment) unit.  She was one of the few people who were not from a law enforcement background and the only black person.  “I had heard about police brutality.  For me, as a young black girl, after having spent time with these people, I realized the stress and struggles they were under.  With all my life experiences, the book written became the journey for me to get off the Democratic plantation.” MORE


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  1. I read her proposed legislation, the “Minority Inclusion Act”.
    It misses the point as only a politician can miss it.
    I am certain she is more conservative than most, but the MIA is a miss and more bad legislation.


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