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Two Can Play at This Game


Consent decrees are appalling, and arguably shouldn’t be allowed at all when they involve creating new regulations out of thin air. But conservatives have complained about them for about a decade now, and nothing has happened. In 2017, Trump EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt issued an order ending “sue-and-settle” for his agency, but in a noteworthy reversal, the Biden Administration revived it earlier this year. Meanwhile, along with persecuting January 6 defendants and investigating angry public school parents, Attorney General Merrick Garland also added consent decrees back into the DOJ arsenal.

So you know what they say: If you can beat ’em, join ’em. There is nothing that stops patriots from using the same legal tools that have so empowered the Democrats to sabotage the left instead. More

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  1. The only problem with the logic here is that the 1/6 political prisoners are a perfect example of how the law is simply not enforced equally by democrat filth running the DoJ. Complaints that work for prog assholes will not work for conservatives, even if identical principles and situations are involved. We should know this by now.

  2. Trump thought this would save his sorry ass from lawsuits, NOT. A federal judge just thru that request out.

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