Two employees of WDBJ-TV killed ON AIR

We put this up so you guys can discuss it. We are not going to publish the video of the shooting.

13 news-

Two employees of WDBJ-TV were killed early Wednesday during a shooting at a shopping center near Smith Mountain Lake in Franklin County.

Reporter Alison Parker, 24, and photographer Adam Ward, 27, were killed during a live broadcast.

A third person was wounded in the shooting — Vicki Gardner, head of the SML Chamber of Commerce. Gardner was taken to a hospital for surgery after being shot in the back.

The suspect was Vester Lee Flanagan, according to the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office. ABC affiliate WHSV reported that Vester Flanagan was also a TV reporter who used the name Bryce Williams on air. By 11:45 a.m. several media outlets reported that Flanagan had fatally shot himself.


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  1. It was probably one of The Yankee Marshal’s guns, they’re always running around freely without human manipulation.

    Renewed gun control whiners now have something else to whine about!

  2. When 38% of the murders over 5 states are committed by illegal Irish immigrants, then he’ll have something to say.

  3. Actually, this one should be ruled a pre-meditated murder. Since it was on air, it could also be considered “work place violence”.

    But since the shooter was black, it never happened, except for the gun.

    The gun is guilty.

  4. I understand it was a black guy that killed them.

    HTF will the media handle this? He left some kind of hateful, anti-white manifesto.

    So a whacked out black dude killed 2 fellow reporters-the media has to turn it away from his white hate into some kind of love triangle.

    And of course the usual calls for gun confiscation.

    Sad but every damn thing is looked at through political googles.

  5. I was switching back and forth between Fox, CNN, and MSNBC. Fox commentators were describing the guy’s difficult personality defects. MSNBC used the term “reaching out” when describing the killer’s use of social media.

  6. I was reading the story about the White House Gate Jumper that just got smoked and I was thinking why is this guy not in a mental institution? Imagine if that guy got hold of a gun? Same with this guy. The dude obviously had some issues.

  7. 2 possible scenarios:

    1. White privilege caused that gun to shoot those people because #BlackLivesMatter, right?

    2. #RacistBlackLivesWithGuns.

    Possible 3rd reason: How much do we want to bet he was also a Muslim convert?

    I’m betting it’s a 2&3 combo.

  8. This asshole live-tweeted the incident. I caught the video on LiveLeak seconds before it was taken down. Looks to me the hand holding the gun was white. Early reports indicate it was a disgruntled employee, so yea, workplace violence. Disgusting any which way you slice it.

  9. “Alison Parker made racist comments about Vester Flannagan.”

    Evidently, Alison was proven right.

  10. The leftists in the media created this savage and fed his festering hatred. They have created the cauldron of black hate. He killed fellow media people. Better than him killing a police officer. Deal with it, you have been warned.

  11. Do you ever wonder if these unstable people (many taking some form of anti-depressant) are being used?

    I read someone’s comment way back when one of these school shootings happened that he thought the government was treating these already unstable people and giving them psychological suggestions to cause mayhem when triggered. At the time I thought this person was watching way too much tv and he was just nuts.

    Now? I still don’t believe it, but then what this government has done, I don’t dismiss it as fast.

    Someone needs to remake “The Manchurian Candidate” into “The Manchurian Mass Murderer”.

  12. Boy, a 24 year old cub reporter and a 27 year old cameraman, just trying to get their careers on track.

    And the horror of their deaths being filmed.

    I won’t watch any of this…I can’t.

    My heart bleeds for their families.

  13. Gee Wally, maybe the victims shoulda put their hands up said “Don’t Shoot”!
    Yeah Beave, if they’d only had given him a job..

    This time it’s Black on White violence that can’t be swept under the rug, not that they won’t try!

  14. Well, if the POS doesn’t die we can only hope he’s reduced to a drooling idiot and routinely abused by the prison hospital staff.

  15. The perp commented in one of his social media rants he made just before the shooting that these people he had a beef with were “crazies”. Last week, Obama also made a comment on camera and referred to the people who he has a beef with, namely right-wing conservatives (in other words, white people), as “crazies”. People had better start understanding what Obama is all about and to what measures he will use when he thinks he can get away with it.

  16. Make that “Black” Irish problem please, Chief. If black lives matter so much, why did this dope shoot himself?

  17. Been wondering that very thing myself, Claudia…plus, I wouldn’t put anything past this administration and its sleazy minions.

  18. The Daily Mail has a couple pictures of the perp. Triggered my gaydar, I bet he is a fudgepacker. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  19. We were raised to love and defend our country. It is counter intuitive to us to believe our leaders are traitorous criminals trying to harm us. Our heroes are the WW2 Vets, the men who built our skyscrapers, our farmers, our truckers, cops and firemen and nurses. We are not diabolical, devious, liars and don’t reflexively view others that way. We take our friends on face value that they are really our friends and not backstabbing. Until we are betrayed, then our eyes open.

    This week to date, 39 people (blacks) were shot
    In the city of Chicago. 6 were murdered. Last night 4 people were shot in NYC. I know one of them died. The point being nobody cares. Slaughter is common. But these stories and murders get absolutely no media coverage or outrage. They are not used as examples of why we need to ban guns.

    It’s only when we see these seemingly undetectable weirdos snap and kill very sympathetic victims that we get national coverage and the drumbeat starts again. Is it impossible to believe that this government is using techniques that at the least contribute to pushing the lunatics into action? I now believe it without a doubt. May it’s not federal agents or employees but someone else.

    For example, we know Soros is funding the Black Lives Matter violence. And violence and riots are specifically what he is paying for. As well as funding Occupy Wall Street. We know 1000 percent they want to remove guns from law abiding people. It is their stated intention. Is it hard to believe they would identify and enable borderline lunatics to commit gun violence? Who knows what websites he was on or groups he joined. From there it is easy to cull the fragile ones to be a pasty.

    Did anyone ever think the the communist party USA would put white operators on the ground in the middle of these protests to instigate the crowd, start fires, start looting, and violence in Ferguson or Baltimore? I never believed it before either, but seeing the betrayal of our country by these scumbags has opened my eyes that anything is possible and even.likely.

  20. So, Vester’s hate has been festering for the past 15 years? Apparently, he was not employed recently, so why so much hatred for the beautiful cub reporter, and the industrious videographer?

  21. They have the footage he took over at info wars. The really bad parts have been edited out. It’s got to be the most cowardly act I’ve ever seen. That idiot Govenor should watch it and see if he still thinks it’s a gun problem.

  22. Black SF State graduate lands news job. Gets fired because he’s an asshole who can’t get along with any of his white colleagues because he’s a fucking racist. Then he murders two of his white ex-colleagues on the justification that they said something “racist”, and then the worthless cunt of a democrat governor of VA calls the shooter a “gentleman” before blaming the murders on the NRA.

    Fuck what the democrats, especially the negro democrats and their communist white enablers, have done to this country. Every time innocent white people are slaughtered by a white-hating black scumbag, the blaming of the victim is standard practice, and every time some black sociopath gets shot down because he was assaulting a cop or an innocent, he’s made a national hero.

  23. Following this story about how white racism and homophobia left this poor, exasperated, black VICTIM no other recourse but to understandably execute his targets, what will be next??

    How about poor blacks are still suffering the effects of having eaten lead chips 40 years ago in housing projects. A 3 hour special on the anniversary of Katrina and how only poor blacks were victims. Human waste is flooding the hallways of NYC housing projects even though they broke the pipes and sold them.for scrap. And will blacks be allowed to vote in 2016, the DOJ announces new steps to stop white voter intimidation.

    That is why I just don’t have an once of sorrow for these reporters. They, as a profession, are responsible for many, many, other people’s misfortune and heartache through their intentional race baiting. Own it.

  24. I would *love* it if someone organized a peaceful, orderly march through the city, using the banner “#WhiteLivesMatter” and see the response.

  25. Y’all are all just a bunch of meanies! He din’t has a puppy when he growd up … an 300 years of slavery! Whatchall spect if ya keep ya bruthahs in chains? And … and … white privlidge and shit! Oh, yeah, Wall Street! They be’es bustin the black man down, and forswearin his poverty, and shit! And that damned George W. Bush was a racist and tooken away the black man’s opportunities!

    See, if ya follow the logic, he had no choice.

  26. Again we have some worthless POS who doesn’t have the guts to go out in the woods and just blow his brains out in private where it will make the least mess for somebody else to clean up.

    No. First he has to work himself up into a good frenzy to commit an atrocity that is horrible enough to convince himself to explosively evacuate his own cranial cavity in the most public manner he can arrange.

    The racial hatred he put on display along with the sickening video he took of the shooting itself tells me the light’s been on but nobody has been home for a while. This did not happen in a vacuum. I suspect plenty of people were concerned about this fruitcake for a long time, professionally and in private, and political correctness no doubt kept someone from reporting him long ago.

    No doubt we will be hearing far more than we want to about this asshole in the days and weeks to come.

  27. Paraphrasing Dan Jenkins here in Semi-Tough: “God wouldn’t make someone gay, black and an interior lineman.”

  28. A psychopath who wanted as much attention as possible. How convenient he is black and gay – two more leftist excuses to cause chaos and destruction. This is Obama’s legacy.
    Very sad. I’m praying for the victims families.

  29. using ‘anon’ for obvious reasons.

    15 years ago I was on an antidepressant. it really had me messed up, and I decided to wean off of it. Long story short, I kinda lost it for a while and snapped one night. When the cops found me I had four firearms on me, one a shotgun, and pockets full of ammo.

    Thank God no one was harmed. Woke up in jail the next morning. A tough awakening, but an awakening all the same. Things got much better after that.

    Yes, sometimes I do wonder.

  30. Sweetie, is that you? Has Texas let you out yet, or are you posting from the institution?

    Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of you shooting your co-worker, but I’m sure you’re aware of that.

  31. I’m sick of hearing this 15 minutes of fame bullshit. It is such a meaningless retarded cliche. They almost all blow their brains out immediately after these killings or they are on the lam until the police end it in a shootout. When do they enjoy this fame they were supposedly seeking? I think these media spin robots just spew that because they really have no clue what else to say.

  32. He died at the hospital. The black homo suffered on Earth before he was sent to HELL to suffer for an eternity.

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