Two Fleamales Steal Vietnam Vet Service Dog – This has a bad ending

2 Florida women arrested after stealing service dog from Vietnam vet with PTSD, police say.


Surveillance video shows one woman starting an altercation with the victim, while the other comes from behind, unleashes the dog, named Kira, and walks off with her, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

Jennifer Gotschall, 53, and Monique Cosser, 51, were identified Wednesday after a tip to police from a “concerned citizen” led them to the pair. Kira was also recovered “in good health,” police say.

The victim, who has not been identified, was in Old Town with his two Pomeranian service dogs at the time of the incident.

Gotschall and Cosser have been charged with grand theft, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years’ incarceration. Officials said they are thought to have been released on bond.


The update sucks.

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29 Comments on Two Fleamales Steal Vietnam Vet Service Dog – This has a bad ending

  1. Fucking Bitches. I guess we can’t kill them slow. That would probably be frowned up on. We need to bring back public shaming. Let them stand on a corner of a busy intersection with a sign that reads, “I’m a Dyke Smelly Cunt that likes to steal war hero’s dogs”.

  2. BB,
    Dad taught me years ago
    “You can’t shame the wicked”.
    Sick world we live in and it is only
    going to get worse.


    Your dad was right. I think the point of public shaming was for the people considering doing something stupid.

  4. ” Pomeranian service dogs”

    Uhh, no. Pets, companions, dogs he loves, absolutely.

    But service dogs is a stretch.

  5. @Bad_Brad November 8, 2018 at 9:29 pm

    > I guess we can’t kill them slow. That would probably be frowned up on. We need to bring back public shaming.

    Why so extremist? There’s always a “middle ground”. How about quick, and (presumably) painless?

  6. You cannot shame people who are shameless. By definition.

    Their punishment would have to be something that would cause them long-term severe anguish. How about washing bedpans at a VA hospital, and then, so we’d know they were doing an adequate job of it, having to eat their meals from out of a bedpan picked at random?

  7. The thieving cunts were arrested and charged with Grand Theft. The Vietnam Veteran went to Christ. The dogs are with his friend. Not all is bad.

    Innocence suffers so that the guilty may be punished.

  8. Monique Cosser Florida works here, she needs to be FIRED!
    voter records

    Jennifer Ann Gotschall
    needs to ask her family for forgiveness

    Ann E Gotschall
    John Gregory Gotschall
    Richard Loring Gotschall
    Robert J Gotschall
    Diana R Molz
    see that wasn’t so hard. you have been exposed.

  9. These bitches are in for a hard day even in California. They’ll have some shyster lawyer play some sort of victim card but a Judge and Jury will look at a plan to kidnap a dog from an injured vet who later died (perhaps due to his service dog stolen) and will drop these crunts into the deep end of the Cali Penal System. Hell, if they aren’t dykes now they soon will be.

  10. Euthanasia is too quick and too painless for this pair — slow painful death only. They killed this Veteran.

    Ever since the election, I have become more hard-nosed — no mercy for the low-lifes that take up space among us.

  11. Tie their tails together and hang them over a power line…
    Not “no mercy” – same mercy they showed the victim.


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